When the Truth Is Too Much . . . .

It seems as though Lucky got me into some trouble last week.  Last Wednesday, a reader (we’ll call her Miss Insatiable) went off on me in my inbox telling me how bad Lucky was for just leaving Jill without notice.  She continued her DM tirade by stating that I must have been Lucky (imagine that?) the way I defended him on various sites!  Ms. Insatiable stated that Lucky should have kept it one hundred, been a real man, and told Jill that she got on his nerves!  I tried to convince my beautiful adversary that in today’s dating world, people are more apt to give another the “slow fade” when they are trying to leave a situation.  In other words, most singles are cowards when it comes to crushing someone else’s feelings.  There are instances where the truth is spoken and is not received anyway.  Ms. Insatiable continued to argue with me.  In an effort to bring clarity, I decided to illustrate my point in a parable. . . . . .


Xavier met Stephanie at a single’s ministry gathering several months ago.  Xavier was asked by his friend, Princeton, to come along and play the keys while he sang several songs for the event.  Xavier was not an avid church goer.  He opted to go to church with his mom on Mother’s Day and New Year’s Eve if he didn’t have a gig that night.  Princeton and Xavier had been friends since college when they both sang in the African American Choral Ensemble.  Even though Xavier didn’t really like church, he consented to the gig as a favor to his friend.  


During the set, Princeton asked for one of the single choir members to come on stage and help him sing “Nothing Has Ever Felt”.  As this beauty in a blue dress made her way to the mic, Xavier studied her every move.  It was as if she emerged from one of his fantasies as he took in her figure.  Stephanie’s dress was fighting mightily to hold in her DD cups. Xavier was so mesmerized by her that he missed Princeton’s cue to begin!  Stephanie’s versatile soprano rode Xavier’s melody like a steamy one night stand.  He found himself falling in love with her riffs before knowing her name!  After the song was over and the applause died down, Xavier left his nervousness and fear at the piano and came to where Stephanie was sitting.  Smitten by her voice, Xavier asked Stephanie to work with him in the studio on a project for an upcoming artist.  Stephanie accepted the invitation but not before getting Xavier to commit to taking her out to lunch after Sunday service.  Xavier complied.



Sunday lunch begat Saturday dinners.  Spending time with Stephanie was the greatest high that Xavier ever felt.  Whether it was in the studio or playing Scrabble in the park, nothing could compare to the euphoria that Xavier felt with her.  For the first time in a long time, Xavier was happy.  The fact that Stephanie wanted to wait to have sex didn’t bother him at all. (that’s some woman!) Stephanie stimulated Xavier more than any other woman he had ever dated.  As the Saturday dinners moved from the trendy restaurants to their own abodes, the urge to yield to temptation grew more and more.  Holding hands on the couch led to cuddling.  The cuddling led to gentle neck kisses. The neck kisses grew into tasting each other lips with each time more intense than the last.   Every time it got to the point of Xavier trying to get inside of her jeans, Stephanie would put the brakes on. Every week, Xavier would get closer and closer.  Once he saw her breasts unbridled, Xavier felt as if they could take it all the way.  Stephanie managed to keep her pants up but couldn’t resist taking Xavier in her mouth to taste him.  After a minute of giving in to her nature, she stopped.


“I can’t give myself to you without knowing where we are going Xavier.  Are we going to be together?  Can I trust you with my heart?”


“You are the only one I want to be with Stephanie.  When I look into your eyes, I see my future. I see us.”


With that, Stephanie told Xavier that she wanted their first time to be momentous.  It had been three years since the last time Stephanie was intimate with a man. The two agreed that next Saturday evening would be the night they would offer themselves to each other.  


The entire week, Xavier replayed all the events leading up to this magical encounter.  The way that Stephanie was built, her vocal prowess, and the way that she could massage his cares away made her the leading candidate to be his wife.  Although it had only been six months since they met, Xavier couldn’t see himself without her.  She made work easy. She made life easy.


The evening had finally arrived.  Stephanie told Xavier that they would have the house to themselves the entire night as her daughter was spending the night with a co-worker. Xavier had never been permitted to spend the night before and could easily see himself making love to Stephanie until the sun came up.  His legs shook as he made his way to the front entrance.  As the door opened, Stephanie was wearing the same freak-um dress she met him in!


“I know how much you liked the dress the first time we met.  I thought I would give you the honor of taking it off of me tonight”


Xavier gave his trademark smile as he entered the door.  He didn’t know if his excitement would allow him to make it through dinner.  As Stephanie discussed her day over the salmon, Xavier could only think about knocking the food off the table and delighting in her blessed assurance.  Once he finished his main course, Stephanie signaled that it was time for dessert; her.  Xavier was literally jumping out of his pants!  He excused himself and went to the bathroom to calm down and clean himself.  Xavier had shaved prior to coming over as he didn’t want any discomfort while Stephanie enjoyed him.  After zipping up and making sure that he had enough prophylactics in tow, he left the lavatory.  


The lights had been turned out and there were tea candles illuminating the way to the bedroom.  Will Downing played in the background as Xavier made his way into the arena. Stephanie met Xavier with a kiss, and then another, and another until he was disrobed and being drained of his strength.  And then it happened.  Stephanie removed her bra and panties.  Xavier smelled something that was worse than garbage on a hot July day!  He thought to himself that it couldn’t be her but as she climbed to mount him, Xavier realized that it was!  Through the first act, Xavier did all he could to shut out the smell.  Xavier went limp several times and had to distract his mind with other thoughts just to remain engaged!  He would allow her to climax several times before faking his own orgasm to bring an end to the night.  Xavier ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet as he flushed down the empty condom.  The smell was all over it!  Now he had to go back and lay with her for the rest of the night . . . with that smell!   Xavier looked in the medicine cabinet and found the NyQuil.  He drank three cups of it before returning to the bedroom.


After he left that next morning, Xavier never asked to come back over to Stephanie’s place.  The several times a day text and phone calls were now once a day.  Then once every other day.  Then once a week.  Then not at all.  Stephanie wondered what did she do to make Xavier stop wanting to see her?


Now is this a case in which Xavier should tell Stephanie she has a stinky kitty?  If he would have kept it one hundred, how would Stephanie have felt?  Tell the truth, shame the devil . . . . . . .

Written by Michael Dock, Founder of The Wednesday Gentleman and Author of the Forthcoming Novel “Addicted to Chaos”

2 thoughts on “When the Truth Is Too Much . . . .

  1. I guess she should have ate some pineapples for a few weeks! Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Anyway….she won’t learn unless somebody tells her. However, she is grown. A grown ass woman should know when they are funky in the monkey. Even if you are slack, no woman would be that slack to be knowing, in advance, that they are going to be intimate and then not make sure you are fresh! Maybe she just don’t know what she smells like……smdh! Angeiyway, she might be upset…but, somebody needs to tell her!

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