Nick Young is wrong, as an engaged man, he is wrong for cheating on his fiance even if she does look like Max Headroom. I digress, Nick Young is supposed to be committed to a woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with and having one affair, let alone multiple affairs is just wrong. And I’m not saying this being judgemental or with a finger pointed, I myself cheated on both my ex-wife and ex-girlfriend so this is more or less game recognizing game.

Now that I got that out the way, the second installment of “The Chronicles of being a fuckboy is all about Nick Young’s Laker teammate D’Angelo Russell, who might as well be called snitching Bubs, for my “The Wire” fans.

In case, you you’re not an Iggy Azalea fan like any sound bodied and minded person or a fan of this season’s Los Angeles Lakers team, seriously them niggas are horrible and this is coming from a Lakers fan; or just living under Rick Ross’ right areola than you probably haven’t heard about the best snitching job since Lil Cease was on the stand wearing a Notorious B.I.G. T-shirt while pointing the finger at Lil Kim’s Yaki number 7.

D’Angelo Rusell secretly taped himself interviewing Nick Young about his multiple sidepieces which are probably the only thing he’s been hitting this season because this niggas shooting percentage is lower than Lil Uzi Vert’s IQ, seriously dude? How do you get offended by someone asking you to freestyle over one of Hip-Hop’s best producers ever?

Anyways I digress again. D’Angelo Rusell taped his teammate confessing to cheating on Iggy Azalea and somehow the footage ended up on TMZ of all places, to let D’Angelo tell it, he doesn’t know how his happened. Now his teammates have ostracized D’Angelo more than Trinidad James ostracizes dentists, avoiding him at all costs even going as far as not to sit next to him at their stalls after practices and games.

Now I know there are two ways that you can look at this. 1. Nick Young is a cheater that deserves to get caught, to that I would say that you are right and I’m not excusing his behavior nor condoning it. 2. How low down and untrustworthy do you have to be to not only tape what should be a confidential moment between co-workers but to share it with anyone let alone an internet gossip site.

That’s kind of like one co-worker confiding in another co-worker about how they don’t like their boss and the second co-worker records the whole thing and then shares said conversation with the boss. I don’t know about you but that deserves a good old fashion, passionate ass whooping.

Since this recording which was recorded in December and was released recently by TMZ things have gotten so bad that the animosity that D’Angelo’s teammates have for him played part in the Lakers recent 48 point loss, which I can tell you – that the way they’ve played all season it was bound to happen, so I don’t know why they blamed it on the recording being leaked.

Because who wants to work or, in this case, play with another player that they can’t trust? Who is also the Point Gaurd no less, the defacto maestro on the court who directs players to where they need to be and in some cases the coach on the court.

And after a couple of days, D’Angelo released a statement saying that he regrets taping Nick Young’s damaging testimony and it finding it’s way to TMZ and that he’s apologized to him but not sure if it fell on deaf ears.

One little tidbit that is interesting, D’Angelo says that he and Nicky are friends and that they always record their selves doing dumb shit, that this was no different and this was another one of the stupid pranks they pull on each other, but he should have deleted that conversation. Right? Which leads me to believe that Nick is just as guilty in his dirty dog ways coming to light as D’Angelo is for losing track of the recording.

I mean who the hell records themselves doing dumb shit for fun? That’s about the equivalent as Young Thug’s career and I’m still waiting for someone to say that we’ve been pranked.

But yeah, I hope all is well on Nick’s homefront, I’m sure Iggy will forgive him if he can get her a better ghostwriter.

What do you think? How would you feel if you were in the same shoes as Nick? Who is more wrong in this situation Nick or D’Angelo?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Scheffler

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