Do you remember the scene in the movie Tropic Thunder where Robert Downey’s character told Ben Stiller that “you never go full retard” in regards to Bent Stiller’s character who plays and action star but tried to step out of his comfort zone to play a retarded character in a dramatic movie? Well, this week has been the week of going full fuckboy.

You see this week’s fuckboy litmus test was kicked off in grand fashion by the singer Kelhani’s on again, off again and apparently on-again boyfriend PartyNextDoor who is also a singer and the Los Angeles Rookie Point Guard D’Angelo Russell (who I’ll get to tomorrow).

Now I know you are probably asking yourself just what the hell is a PND and what does he have to do with fuckboyitis? I’m glad you asked because truth be told I don’t know who PND is outside of him being signed to Drake’s OVO label, which kind of makes sense as to why PND and fuckboy are being named in the same sentence.

Since fuckboy tendencies and passive aggressiveness can sometimes be interchangeable it makes sense that someone signed under Drake would do something that falls under one of the two. I swear passive aggressive and or being a fuckboy must be OVO’s MO, it’s probably written in the OVO standard operation procedure booklet.

Anyways, Kehlani and basketball star Kyrie Irving were dating as recent as March 11th, and in true celebrity relationship form they took to social media to express just how in love they were, but this past weekend PND posted a picture of him and a woman cuddling in ruffled up bed sheets on Instagram and even though you can’t see the face of the lady that PND is in bed with, some people believe that it is Kehlani due to the visible tattoos.


What was not known at the time of the Instagram post (and still not known) is whether or not Kyrie Irving and Kehlani were still dating, but like I said before they were all lovey dovey just a few weeks ago.

Now this is how PND was actually being a fuckboy, since no one outside of each their inner circles knew whether or not Kyrie and Kehlani were dating (and probably he didn’t even know) PND did or just did not care and took an intimate moment and decided to either rub it in Kyrie’s face or just wanted to humiliate him in front of the world. Either way, PND passed fuckboy on the monopoly board, collected $200 and apparently Kehlani’s nappy dugout.

Do you think it was right for PND to post the picture before Kehlani and Kyrie could make an announcement that they were no longer together if in fact they were broken up?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Taylor


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