You, Me . . . . . and She

Monica laid there motionless on the white sheets.  As Robert attempted to pull her naked body closer to him, Monica tapped him on the wrist indicating that round two would have to wait until she came back from the bathroom.  Robert leisurely removed his hand from her waist, taking time to caress Monica’s backside.  Before the tears could form, she hurried from the bed taking care that he never saw her face.  Monica dared not turn around.  As she made her way to the bathroom, she saw the red g-string that didn’t belong to her.  Water began to stream down her caramel cheeks as Monica closed the bathroom door.  Swiftly she turned on the shower to drown out her sorrow.  How did she get to this place?  How could she get out?  While in the moment, the exploits from the night before played in fast forward.  Now in the sober aftermath of it all, the details were played in slow motion.  It was her lies that led to last night’s unholy union.  It was her insecurities that led to her sharing her new fiance’ with another woman.  She chose to mislead her man . . . . and all for a shiny ring. . . . . . .


Like most relationships, Robert and Monica met in the most unlikely place: a hospital cafeteria.  Robert was a licensed clinician who worked on the crisis wing of the first floor while Monica worked as a cardiac nurse on the sixth.  Although Monica had worked at the hospital for ten years, she had never seen Robert.  It just so happened on that fateful April afternoon, Monica saw her future sitting at the far end of the cafeteria, alone, while she was paying for her salad. She continued to examine his features as she made her way to her normal seat next to the exit.  Monica began to feel alive as she began to wonder about this new man.  Unlike the other staff, Robert wasn’t required to wear scrubs or lab coats due to the nature of his work.  His business casual attire made him stand out.  As Robert finished his pasta, Monica continued her ogling.  She breathed deeply as his full, delectable lips enveloped the last of his meal.  Monica felt herself begin to water as she thought about those lips enveloping her fruit.  His massive arms pierced through his button down.  Monica imagined herself being restrained as he had his way with her.  As Monica continued to stare and get lost in her fantasy, Robert looked up and the two locked eyes.  Monica, somewhat ashamed of her impure thoughts, quickly looked down at her garden salad.  As she tried to find her ranch dressing, a figure had come into her view.  It was him!  Standing tall, he was all the more delectable.  Her nipples were at full mass pushing her bra to the limit!  As cool as the dressing on her salad, Robert began to engage her mind . . . . and within weeks . . . engage her soul as well.


Weeks turned into months.  A chance meeting in the cafeteria had blossomed into a passionate love affair.  Monica loved that Robert had no inhibitions about himself.  He was willing to show affection whenever and wherever the mood hit.  Make out sessions in public places became the new normal.  Sometimes Robert would take Monica wherever he was turned on.  It had become common to have a quickie in the janitorial closet, in a restaurant bathroom, or outside at the park at night while others watched.  And as much as Monica was hesitant about showing her midsection, she had no issues with lifting her skirt or having her pants pulled down while Robert enjoyed being inside of her world.  She loved the thrill of it!  It made her feel alive once again.  Monica hadn’t been out on a date in three years and only knew her toys.  Now she had a man who enjoyed using her toys to push her to limits she didn’t even know could be surpassed!  Robert would even put his arms to work throwing Monica’s plus size frame across the bed, the floor, and even lifting her in the air as they enjoyed each other with unspoken words.  


Robert was every woman’s dream and Monica refused to part with her new beau.  Although Monica was eleven years his senior, Robert was Dr. Ruth when it came to all the various positions and ways to climax.  Monica found herself having to take pills just to keep up with Robert’s stamina! Robert didn’t seem to mind that Monica needed to have some kind of clothing on to cover the midsection stretch marks.  He didn’t seem to mind that Monica could only ride him for several minutes before having to fall off and wanting him to put in the work.  But what if he started to have second thoughts about being with her?  What could she do to ensure that he would not leave her?  Monica decided that she would play the card that no man could resist:  She would say that she was bi-sexual.  Although Robert didn’t believe her at first, he slowly began to give in to the thought as Monica continued to press the issue of having another woman in her bed.  


For the next couple of months, Monica kept feeding Robert thoughts of a threesome.  Monica would show Robert some of her Facebook friends that she claimed she had intimate relations with before.  Monica would pretend to arrange rendezvous at various motels throughout the city.  However with every rendezvous, there was always an excuse.  “She’s on her period”, “she just moved”, or “she didn’t return my call” were the justifications given.  Even though Robert would say all the nice things, Monica could now start to see the disappointment in his eyes.  The sex was not lasting as long as it once did.  Robert was no longer climaxing with each experience.  She was beginning to lose her good thing.  No matter how repulsed she felt by the idea, Monica understood that she couldn’t continue to lie to Robert any longer.  


To make things right, Monica decided that she would introduce her friend, Angela, to Robert on Valentine’s Day.  Angela and Monica had been online friends for several years.  Angela made no secret that she she adored Monica.  Taking up her offer, Monica invited Angela to an intimate soiree featuring Robert.  Angela jumped at the chance!  Monica secured a room and asked Angela to meet them there.  Monica stated that she would liquor Robert up during dinner and drive him back to the room where they could all enjoy each other.  


Dinner transitioned to dessert.  Unbeknownst to Monica, Robert had a surprise of his own: a diamond engagement ring!  As he got down on one knee, Monica’s whole perspective changed.  She was going to be Mrs. Douglas!  Not only did Robert love Monica, he wanted to make her his wife.  Despite the age difference.  Despite the body insecurities.  She didn’t need to lie about herself . . . but she did.  It was too late to back out.  Monica managed to smile through her tears as Robert slipped on the ring.  


As they began to leave, Monica whispered to Robert that she had a surprise waiting for him.  She put on a blindfold as they ascended in the elevator.  The suite door opened to rose petals covering the floor and the bed.  Angela was lying on her stomach with only a red g-string on.  Monica took off the blindfold.  Robert smiled and kissed Monica as she led him toward Angela.  Angela began to undress him as Monica went into the bathroom to the change.  As she came back out, Monica discovered that Angela was more talented than she ever imagined!  Angela had impaled Robert’s shaft, draining every drop of his soul from him (which Monica was never able to do).  As Robert continued to feel the aftershocks, Angela’s athletic frame began to mount him and take the length of his shaft over . . . and over . . . and over.  Angela and Robert were so into each other that they never noticed Monica watching them.  Feeling somewhat jaded, Monica came over and interrupted the dance.  She wanted to show Angela that she could make Robert unload in her mouth as well.  Unfortunately, Angela had left her mark as she had climaxed several times, drowning Robert in her ocean.  Unable to breathe, Monica fell back on the bed.  Angela followed Monica to the top of the bed and began to taste her as Robert proudly took Angela again.  Although Monica was the headliner, Angela stole the show. . . . . . .


While she continued to feel lost in herself, the sliding glass door opened.


“What’s wrong babe?  Is everything okay?”

My question today ladies is would you tell Robert the truth or continue to live the lie?

2 thoughts on “You, Me . . . . . and She

  1. Monica isn’t going to be able to live with that lie. It’s going to eat her up. The truth may hurt, but, she should have never opened Pandora’s box. Now that she has…..she has to tell him. This is the only way they could work towards saving their relationship. She will always have those desires for women and this will affect how she feels about herself and her ability to be intimate with her man. Heck, he may be OK with her having desires and she may be stressing over nothing. He will, probably, be upset that she lied. However, a one time lie isn’t as bad as keeping that lie going for a lifetime.

  2. She needs to tell him the truth. She opened a can of worms she was never ready to open. I always say, if you are going to do something like that you need to set ground rules, but with some people can be whatever its going to be. You should know if you can handle something like that or not.

    If he feels as though she lied and wants to let her go, she knows that he isn’t the one for her.

    Note to anyone reading…never write a check you can’t cash!!

    Great story…details and all.

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