Half on a Baby

“Mr. David, I’m looking to expand my family naturally.  I was wondering . . . . . if you might be interested in donating?  Just something to think about . . . . . . ”


This was the direct message Solomon received one uneventful Tuesday while in the gym. As he dismounted the treadmill, Solomon read the message several times to make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him as he ventured to get his heart rate stable once again. Yes, the transmission read the same but Solomon couldn’t understand where this rather awkward appeal was coming from.  Solomon hadn’t spoken to Kiara in nearly two years. It had been almost fifteen years since they shared each other’s company.  In an attempt for clarity, Solomon replied with the question that any man would ask in this position: Why me?


“I want my baby to be the next Cam Newton! LOL! Seriously though love, you’re a good man.  You’re the perfect kind of chocolate and you have the type of personality that I would want my child to inherit”


Somewhat confounded by her reply, Solomon asked if the conversation could be tabled until later that night when they were both able to talk.  Kiara agreed.  The next eight hours though would harass Solomon as he attempted to figure out why Kiara was asking him to father her baby. He couldn’t concentrate at work, he couldn’t enjoy his daughter’s recital.  The same question continued to emerge:


“Why did she refuse to marry me?  If I possess the traits that she wants in a child, why weren’t those same characteristics enough when I asked her to marry me?”


Now back in college, Kiara Lockett was the kind of chick every guy (and girl for that matter) wanted to be with.  She was a particular kind of sexy.  The size of Kiara’s mangos could distract anyone from the asset she lacked.  Whether she was in class, at a party, or church, Kiara advertised her goods for the world to see.  With her delectable olive skin, long brown tresses, and Puerto Rican accent, brothers would scrap just for the opportunity to enjoy her conversation!  Whenever those beautiful mauve lips parted, she could make the strongest man crumble . . . . which Solomon did.  


As the day gave way to night, Solomon continued to explore all of the unknown factors about Kiara’s request:


“What if she has a child that grows up to be famous?  

What if she has a child that has a disability?  

What if I changed my mind after she gets pregnant?

What if she changes her mind and wants child support?

What if I want to be in the child’s life and I want to make her my wife, still?”


Solomon began to recall all the times and various ways he partook of Kiara’s alabaster box.  Whether it was a quickie in the basement stairwell of Creswell Hall or the all night love session at the Ritz Carlton, every moment was a high.  Just as his heart began to smile, Solomon also remembered how Kiara flaked on him two days after the Ritz experience.  Kiara confessed that she had been sharing her cookies with a NBA player and would be moving in with him once the regular season was over.  For over a year, Solomon had been played!  He had saved all of his tax refund to afford that night at the Ritz and the ring that he was going to present to Kiara.  Unfortunately for Solomon, he didn’t have enough money to keep her interest. . . . . .


“So let me get this straight.  You want me to impregnate you so that you can have a child?  Don’t you have a ball player to help you with that?”


Seeing that Solomon was skeptical of her question (and rightfully so!), Kiara began to tell her horrid tale of divorce and confusion.  After marrying the ball player, Kiara quickly became a stepmother to six children that she never knew of prior to the marriage vows.  If you inject a cocaine addiction, adultery, and physical abuse, you have a woman who was battered, unhappy, and alone.  Despite the money and the fame, Kiara informed Solomon that she walked away from it all five years ago.  Unable to trust men afterwards, Kiara acknowledged that she sought an alternative lifestyle which was good until her lover stole all of her money.


“Solomon, I’m not asking for you to be a father.  I’m not asking for child support.  I’m getting older now and I want a child of my own.  There are no strings attached.  You can put it in a cup or we can do it the old fashion way . . . . . ”


Solomon pondered the possibility of having another child. Both he and Kiara were single and almost forty.  Solomon’s only child was going into her final year of high school.  Although Solomon was content with his daughter, he had always dreamed of having a son in little league and being on the field as his son ran for the winning touchdown.  He envisioned a beautiful family that you only read about and see in reruns on TV Land.  The indecent proposal was one that could make Kiara love him all over again.  He never stopped loving Kiara.  Maybe she never stopped loving him. . . . . . .

If you were Solomon, what would your answer be to Kiara?

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