Undercover Thug

Angela’s Story

It all started with a can of Campbell’s chicken soup.  I was under the weather and jokingly, I put out a post entreating anyone to bring me some soup.  Minutes after, Craig sent an instant message stating that he was in Wally World and that he would purchase some soup for me!  I was floored to hear from Craig seeing that  I really didn’t know him outside of sharing band when we attended high school way back when.  In school, Craig was the good guy type who always floated under the radar.  From what I could gather from his social media page, Craig was a father of two as he had tons of pictures of him with his twin boys.  Age had morphed the pudgy trombone player into a bedroom eyed, athletic physique having man. There were no pictures of a woman in his life outside of his mother so I took he was available.  I continued to ask myself why was he offering to buy me soup?  Has he been secretly checking for me? I was curious so I gave him the address to my parents’ house (since I was visiting) along with my phone number. After some difficulty with the directions, he finally made it.  I didn’t know what to expect when he stepped out of the car but trust me when I say that the brother was . . . . . . ooooooohhhhh!  I could see myself sitting on his face!  Even though he had no noticeable tats and was dressed as if he had just left a business meeting, I found my cookies craving this nice glass of milk!   


What started off as a soup delivery led to an impromptu meeting with my family.  Craig wanted to just drop off the soup and leave but I insisted that he stay for a minute.  My mother was so impressed by Craig when he walked through the door that she hugged him as if he were already family! Pops smiled and exchanged greetings as well (and dad never smiles). Even my teenage daughter smiled and exchanged some weird handshake with him and she doesn’t like anyone I date, not even her father!  So after my parents and daughter made Craig answer questions from my dating questionnaire, we were left alone to chat.  And for the first time in forever, the brother actually talked to me. Craig was intelligent as he was able to converse about more than just rappers and rachet television shows.  He was passionate about his destiny and being a father, which made my cookies crumble all the more.  Hell, I even forgot that I was sick!  I was trying to digest everything that he was feeding me because he was so damn stimulating!  Craig had that uncanny balance of knowing when to be funny and when to be serious.  He didn’t come across as arrogant, but very confident of himself.  After captivating me for an hour, Craig said his goodbyes.  I offered him money for the soup and travel but he turned it away.  Instead he said he was happy just to see me smile and prayed that I got better.  At that instant I knew . . . . I had to have him in my mouth . . . . .


I did my best to stay on his mind for the weeks that followed.  I knew a man of his intelligence and stature had to have female suitors everywhere. I sent random text messages just to check on him and his availability to meet.  I wanted to know when he was vulnerable . . . I mean available to see me.  His work and his boys’ extracurricular activities kept him busier than most.  As fate would have it, I was able to coerce Craig into meeting me for lunch on one of his telecommute days. However, lunch was the furthest thing from my mind!  I took the day off in anticipation of this encounter.  As I entered his home, I was greeted by his warm smile and those lickable lips.  I hugged him and whispered in his ear that I wanted him for lunch.  He smiled as I sat him on the couch, unzipped his pants, and attempted to make him bend at my mercy.


After several minutes of my oral examination, he pulled me back up to him and led me to the bedroom. With no words or hands, my clothes disappeared and I was underneath him, adjusting to the width of his shaft. What I thought would be a few minutes of passionate sex turned into a cardio session!  I didn’t want him to stop but I didn’t know if my body could withstand the electricity that continued to surge through me!  He made love to me like he had just been released from prison, dominating me in every position.  He knew just how to pull my hair, when to hold the back of my neck, and when to spank me.  He also knew when to slow it down and love me, kissing my lips, my breasts, my . . . .  oooooooooooh! He gave me everything my body craved.  After experiencing the heavens multiple times, he finally reached his peak as well.  As I smoked my cigarette, I asked him if I could marry him!  Yes, seriously!  He’s been eating my cookies ever since that day.  He is my undercover thug . . . . .  .


For some reason, people believe that the good girl/good guy equates to boredom in the bedroom.  I have to admit, I’m attracted to bad girls myself.  I have a fetish for curvy women with tats.  Let me take it a little bit further.  I tend to like hood chicks.  Similar to females that covet thugs, I’m attracted to the notion that a hood chick will give me a run for my money in the bedroom.  So what keeps me from dating the hood chick? Good sense! I always ask myself two questions: Can this female come along side me and help me raise my son?  Can this chick be on my arm at business dinners and not embarrass me? Those two questions bring me back to center.  Unfortunately in the dating Matrix, most are stuck making the same poor choices.


So many people believe that they can change that thug or hood chick into what they want them to be.  Women see Erykah Badu and believe that the coochie can change any man.  Fellas see Pretty Woman and feel that they can turn that harlot into Michelle Obama.  Funny how people get bent out of shape when that thug acts like a thug and is partying all night and morning, soliciting women in the car that you loaned him.  Funny how fellas get their feelings hurt when they see their chick on a video with two other guys from her neighborhood.  Only Jesus can save, not you.


So what is the point of all this?  This is a commercial for the good guy/good girl.  Craig is the good guy that Angela would have never given the time of day because he didn’t fit the bad boy mold that she was attracted to.  Craig was respectful and attentive to her needs.  He was also that dude that knew how to please Angela in the bedroom.  And isn’t that what everyone wants? I know that undercover thugs/freaks don’t advertise themselves but they do exist.  Ask Angela . . . . . .


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