No, No, No . . . . . It IS YOU . . . . . . .

By now, I’m sure that you all have heard of Halle Berry filing for divorce from her third husband, Olivier Martinez, after only two years of matrimony.  When I heard the news, I wasn’t all that surprised.  I mean, doesn’t every celebrity marriage end after a year nowadays?  But this was the Halle Berry.  The same Halle Berry that made me purchase the movie Swordfish just to see her breasts exposed (Praise Jehovah!)  The same Halle Berry that made me rent Monster’s Ball and watch her Academy Award winning scene over . . . . and over. . . .  and over  . . . . . you get the point.  What man on this planet would want to leave or harm one of the most beautiful creatures that God has ever created? It’s no secret that for a woman so exquisite, any man would gladly give one of his testicles just to keep her!  Yet despite all of her sex appeal, men have voluntarily walked away from her.

So what would make a man walk away from Halle? To her credit, she hasn’t been a slouch when it comes to finding men of equal talent to compliment her beauty.  From Christopher Williams to her most recent knock-a-baby-daddy-out ex-husband, Halle’s had her share of beautiful men.  But with all that appeal going on, why hasn’t any of her relationships lasted?  Sure we want to blame David and Wesley for side kicking her hearing out. Yeah Eric admitted that he had a problem keeping his lyrics to himself.  But why? Was it that she couldn’t cook?  Did she give her man grief every time he walked through the door?  Was it that she refused to give her a man a little fellatio when he was stressed? Or maybe, just maybe, she’s a little cuckoo?  Yes Alex, I’ll take cuckoo for six hundred . . . . . . .

Cuckoo sounds a little mean huh?  Okay, how about we utilize the term misunderstood?  Let’s roll with that.  Why do you think Halle is misunderstood?  Probably due to her father not being in the home when she was young right?  If this is the case, why hasn’t she taken the time to tackle and resolve her issues?  After her early dating debacles, one would have guessed that Halle would have been a little more cautious.  The second divorce should have made her seek professional counseling.  But like so many of us, Halle undoubtedly equated her relationship catastrophes to all the guys she dated (Uh huh).  I’m sure that her girlfriends egged her on, telling her that Black men weren’t s@#t.  So what does Halle do?  She starts dating men across the pond (i.e. first baby daddy, second baby daddy).  According to her friends and social media, the men across the pond are supposed to be her knights in shining armour.  Funny how the same issues still arose despite the change in the experimental group.  So what’s really going on here?  Where is Iyana Vanzant to help fix Halle’s life?

How many of us can relate to Halle? Yeah, I’m talking about you and your dating history now.  Putting a microscope on a celebrity takes a lot of the heat off us.  We don’t like looking at the man in the mirror because that requires acknowledging that we have issues.  Halle is not alone with her repeated relationship disasters and unhealed hurts.  I know quite a few people who have dating histories that would put Halle’s to shame.  I know quite a few females who have multiple baby daddies, marriages, and divorces.  Same for the guys.  Somehow that doesn’t matter because in the scheme of things, we don’t want to acknowledge our issues (heaven forbid!)  So Halle becomes the new norm for cuckoo as she heads toward Zsa Zsa Gabor status.  You do remember Zsa Zsa right?  She’s been married nine times and divorced eight.  No one ever scrutinized Zsa Zsa’s multiple marriages or divorces.  It was all apart of the Hollywood life.  But there is something off with Zsa Zsa as well.

Which leads us back to the misunderstanding of Halle Berry.  Now despite how beautiful anyone is, there is always that breaking point.  It is the time when all the temper tantrums, inappropriate public outburst, and false accusations become too much.  This is very apparent in Halle’s life as well as some of you reading this blog . . . . you just won’t admit it.  It takes someone realizing that they have a problem before change can occur (which is the same with any addiction).  When friends are true friends and tell you that you need mental help, don’t dismiss them; thank them.  When family and former exes tell you that your behavior is off the charts, take a step back and reflect. It’s at that time when you sincerely need to think about getting support.  Just because you need assistance be it intense counseling and/or medication, doesn’t mean that you are not worth love.  It means that you know yourself. You can communicate to your prospective lover all your hot buttons and how to deal with you.

Listen y’all, we all have our faults.  While it’s fun to write about a celebrity’s character flaws, we honestly need to learn from their mistakes.  You see, many of us don’t tend to learn anything unless it’s right in our face and shoved down our throats.  People are amazed that Halle can’t keep a man.  My question to everyone is . . . . can you?  What continues to make you single and available?  Have you honestly dealt with your crazy and received the treatment that you deserve?  If you are single, haven’t dealt with your crazy, and all of your exes have left for the same reason, then the problem is YOU.

Oliver talking to Halle

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