White Woman In Ohio, Protests Outside Of Mosque and Is Greeted With Hugs And Smiles.

If you are like me, you probably watch the Looney Toons cartoons while you were growing up and you probably had a favorite character, for me it was Bugs Bunny (shocking, I know) but for real, the nigga had style and grace and always was able to smooth talk or manipulate himself out of every sticky situation that he found himself in on a daily basis.never-judge-a-book

Now I hear you asking but Breazy, what does this have to do with Raven-Symone’s Fog Horn Leg Horn hairstyle, see what I did there? To which I say nothing, much like her being named Raven and openly admitting to discriminating against ethnic sounding names.

No, the Bugs Bunny reference has to do with an undoubtedly privileged white woman in Dublin, Ohio, named Annie staging a one-woman protest outside a Mosque, only to be greeted by well-wishing worshippers, and hugs and smiles, which I’m sure was not the response she was expecting; much like every time Elmer Fudd was hunting Bugs, Bugs would get under his skin by kissing him on the mouth.

With today’s racial climate being in an upheaval, with presidential candidates brazenly proclaiming that Muslims have no place here in America and are basically the cause of everything that is wrong in this country, I’m sure Annie wanted to “prove just how violent and dangerous those Muslims are” by trying to provoke them to violence, with picket signs that called for an end to Sharia law, and “The World Says Enough.”

Annie also made it a point to point out that the holy city of Mecca “is one of the cities that’s going to be wiped out when Christ returns,” basically sounding like some deranged, doomsday prophet. But in the midst of her protest she was approached by a woman wearing a traditional, Muslim headscarf who gently patted the protester’a hand, which I’m sure pissed her off to the height of pistivity, I mean how are you going to feel if after posting hate you are treated like a four-year-old that dropped her Ice Cream?

And to make matters worse, the Muslim woman invited the protester in saying “Come on in, seriously,” Other worshipers gathered around and escorted Annie inside, where she was met with applause.

At this point, all Annie could do was admit her and her husband prejudice by saying “My husband did not want me to come here,” she said, smiling and posing for selfies inside the mosque.

This just prove that you really can’t judge a book by its cover,Annie assumed that all Muslims were violent jihadists, only to be met with open and loving arms by those that undoubtedly oppose the same extremists that make all Muslims look bad.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Rather.

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