I feel like I’m being P’unkd right now, in case you are wondering why I feel this way I recently came across a wannabe rapper name Slim Jesus, you read that right SLIM Jesus. The reason why I feel like Ashton Kutcher is going to hop from behind a bush at any moment now is because Slim Jesus is the equivalent to reverse black face while rapping. After watching the video for his song Drill Time I thought to myself you have gotta be fucking kidding me. Is this kid fucking serious? So this is what rap has come to, suburban white boys rapping about doing drivebys while using mommy’s minivan?

Is this Nigga serious????
Is this Nigga serious????

Not only is the song wacker than Snoop Lion’s reggae album, (you know that shit was wack) the style of music rap (Drill Music) that he is emulating is equivalent to Roseanne Barr singing the National anthem: a lot of noise without saying shit.

First, let me back up a minute to give you context on what Drill Music is exactly. Drill Music is a style of rap that is Straight Outta Chicago made famous by Jumping Jack Flash body double, Chief Keef, equipped with off beat to rhymes about drugs and violence, which is par for the course. The videos come equipped with a lot of mean mugging, automatic weapons waving for the camera, bunch of 2nd grade dropouts in the background.

Now back to Slim Jesus, Slim Jesus is basically the real life Malibu’s Most Wanted all the way down to the hired black standins that are probably waiting for the check that his mother wrote to clear so they can get the hell on. What perplexes me about both the video and Slim Jesus is just how hard he is trying to be a black gangster rapper; he has mimicked the lingo, the accent, the emotionless stare into the camera and the braggadocio of rappers that he sees on TV and undoubtedly admires and looks up to.

Slim Jesus is what happens when your friend from the suburbs that you go to school with, listens to Hip Hop, and thinks because he listens to Hip Hop he is down for the cause, at times to his determent. Unlike Eminem who despite using the n-word in a rap that he made while in High School, but actually honors and respects the Hip Hop culture, by being a lyricist that respects those that came before him and also takes pride in his lyrical content about his life experiences. Slim Jesus seems to me to be a a cultural appropriating parrot reciting rhymes that he’s heard black rappers spit.

Is this what rap has come to? Are we at the point where rap influences life instead of the other way around?

Talk to me , I’ll talk back.

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