Recently Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly (all FAUX news commentators) have all tried to decry and label Black Lives Matter (BLM) as a hate group. This comes on the heels of the recent ambush style murders of police officers in Texas and Illinois. While turning a blind eye to anything that doesn’t fit into FAUX news’ narrative seems to be standard practice, you can now add vilifying anything that sheds light on police brutality to the list15713475938_299bf78d0b.

To blame BLM for the murders committed by individuals that clearly had ulterior motives is nothing more than a ploy to distract from all the looking in the mirror that America has been forced to deal with recently, because of the rash of innocent lives murdered at the hands of police. Grasping at straws by blaming BLM, whose Sole purpose is to nonviolently advocate for equal rights, reeks of embarrassment and an attempt to cover up a dirty little secret (police brutality).

Most talking pundits from other news networks have been saying not to let a few bad and overzealous police officers spoil it for the rest that aren’t violating African American’s rights, so why can’t FAUX news take the same attitude when it comes to reporting on the BLM movement?

With the ferocity and passion that FAUX news commentators are displaying by shitting on Black Lives Matter, you would have thought the movement is at the very least the second coming of the KKK, except instead of burning crosses Black Lives Matter would set police badges on fire.

Where was all this passion when discussing the murders of Freddie Gray, Samuel DuBose and countless others? Instead of blaming the victim for his/her own death and trying to dig through their history looking for anything that would paint them as some deviant, where was the sympathetic tone while publicly shaming police? I guess the only lives that matter are those of slain police officers, while the senseless deaths of African Americans are a product of their own non compliance.

FAUX news seems to forget that BLM was born out of desperation and bewilderment caused by centuries old unchecked brutality and murders of minorities, particularly African Americans. I guess it’s easier to blame the victim instead of taking ownership and accountability.

Now I’m sure there are some that are a part of the Black Lives Matter movement that have a disdain for police, hell there are some people from all nationalities that are not a part of the movement that dislike them as well, yet FAUX seems so fixated on BLM that they think distrust and resentment is limited to the movement. And I’m sure the recent march in St. Paul, Minnesota, with it’s protesters shouting anti-police rhetoric loudly, doesn’t help much. But neither murder could be linked to BLM.

As sad as the deaths of the police officers are, how much longer did America think that domestic terrorism of African Americans was going to continue before someone fights back? I am pretty sure BLM does not condone the deaths, but it would be foolish to think that some were going to continue taking their ass whooping lying down. Basically, put unfortunately, the chickens are coming home to roost, I just hope this doesn’t become an epidemic.

Do you think Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are full of shit suggesting Black Lives Matter is a hate group? Do you think Black Lives Matter is a hate group?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Cronkite


  1. “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” Really?

    If blacks really believed that then it should make a behavioral difference BUT; they don’t.

    The way blacks or whites (you name the color) get treated by law enforcement or anyone is largely in response to behavior both real and perceived. In other words; behave badly in reality and you will receive consequences you would rather not experience.

    Behave badly enough times and you will effect a corresponding bad perception before you even act. That’s called; reputation.

    So; don’t be surprised if a policeman shoots you if you rob a convenience store and run or resist arrest or go for his gun.

    Don’t scream that the cop or the public doesn’t care about your color and have it in for you.

    BTW – What is it about “STOP!” that confuses you so much or are you really that stupid?

    By the same token; don’t scream that the cop or the public have a preconceived idea that you and your color group (black or white or whatever color) is profiled.

    Remember; you built that reputation over time. The good news is that you can change it.

    So; let’s say all blacks in Ferguson decide to behave and respect law enforcement. What do you think the incidence of blacks being shot or forced to the ground would be?

    Come on; take a guess.

    Suggestion: Try behaving for a year and if you like the results; go for another year.

    1. I appreciate you taking the time out to not only read but to comment on this post. Having said that, your response only proves why Black Lives Matter is even an issue. For you to generalize all blacks just proves that you do not take us or any life that is different than your’s seriously.

      It doesn’t matter if you robbed a convenience store if you are being nonviolent at the time of arrest, that does not give an officer the right to kill.

      Your opinion also proves that no matter what blacks do, we are going to be viewed as some type of threat. We are being targeted and murdered at a higher rate than non-blacks so you generalizing blacks as being non-compliant to law enforcement is a mute argument. I’m not sure what your interaction with blacks have been like but we are no all criminals, but we deserve the same dignity and respect when being arrested as any other nationality.

      Again, thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment.

  2. Why should I respect a group like BLM? The utter disrespect in public, no manners and the aura of entitlement makes me sick. I’m white and my life matters too but I don’t take to the streets and scream and act like an immature child. Put those energies into being a productive citizen and EARN respect. Don’t demand it because you’ll never get it that way. Frankly, acting this way is causing you more problems but y’all don’t seem to understand that or just don’t care. Therefore, keep wasting your time and prepare for the consequences. Sad really.

  3. Have you ever tried to be a police officer in a violent city? Trying to decide who to use force on and who not to. It can be a scary position to be in. Especially when your own life is at stake. While yes, there are some officers that use extreme force unnecessarily and we should hold them accountable, who is going to hold accountable all those people that act violently towards our law enforcement? Without our officers chaos will ensue. They deal with explosive situations to the best of their ability. In riot gear they attempt to maintain peace in cities, to withdraw the unruly and keep order. If those people, black/ white/Hispanic whatever threaten the lives of those officers they have every reason to defend themselves. Let’s face it if we act civilly to these men in uniform then they (most likely) will do so in return. Black Lives Matter is a hate group. I have not seen anything that proves otherwise. Calling for the death of white police officers and causing riots in major cities, looting and pillaging. We need to stand together, work together and keep each other up to defend one another. All lives matter and until we unite as Americans (not black or white or Hispanic) We will lose this battle.

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