Man, what is up with today’s men’s hairstyles? Between 90’s styled high top fades and the mixture of a fade, with multi-colored mullets, I’m not sure if I’m stuck in Back to the Future or at a Bronner Brothers hair show on crack. The thing is I can understand that the more things change the more they stay the same, hence the high top fades, box haircuts and the Kwamé blonde patch in the front, and the need to be different and expressive, but some of these hairstyles are on some other shit.

What in the hell???
What in the hell???

With all do respect to Odell Beckham Jr, what in the fuck is on his head? The nigga’s head looks like a blonde skunk. Again I’m all for being different but when you make Pam Oliver and Josina Anderson’s hair look good, your hairstyle is in between an apocalyptic road warrior and WTF.

Another thing I don’t understand – do these dudes ask their barbers to cut their hair to look like it hasn’t been cut? I’ve been to the barbershop and seen with my own two eyes barbers running clippers through a guys hair and as soon as he gets up from the chair you couldn’t tell his hair was cut. I remember the days when you weren’t fresh looking without a sharp haircut. I mean it didn’t matter if you were dressed to the 9’s, if your haircut or lineup wasn’t fresh – you weren’t fresh, but I guess that doesn’t matter anymore these days, the stranger the better I guess.

I wonder if I sound like my parents when they were commenting on our hairstyles from the 80’s and 90’s, I’m sure they had plenty to say about high top fades, step haircuts and the Gumby, and in hindsight I do to. Truth be told I think hairstyles were so different and new in those days that barbers were just making up shit as they were cutting.

With today’s generation acting like ADD lean addicts I wonder what’s next for men’s haircuts, maybe we’ll see someone with a shaved head with an orange rat tail.

What do you think about men’s hairstyles these days? Do you even consider some of what’s worn now a days a style?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy DeCaprio

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