You know, being from Denver (where we are 9.9% of the population), living in Germany,it and having a name that if you saw written down, you would swear I was white. I’ve had my blackness questioned 60-11 times by other blacks. Assumptions ranging from only liking white women to “oh you think you better than us because to your daddy lives with you.” As stupid as the assumptions are, they are usually voiced when someone meets me for the first time, and their opinion of me was based upon how I look.

Being that we are all visual people and our sight is usually our first line of defense, we fairly or unfairly judge each other (whether we want to admit or not) based on our looks. Tattoos, facial piercings, and a Facebook screen name like LaKeisha Stuntinonthesehoes Mays, may cause some to think that she is a member of the twerk team. On the other hand, a business suit, attaché case and luxury car may cause us to assume the person is a business (wo)man.

It’s these kind of assumptions that can either save us from getting involved with the wrong person or end being one of 12 men being blood tested on Maury. So, to demonstrate just how shallow we are, I present to you Breazy’s visual association – which is similar to word association but with pictures, because you know the best way to hide something from ninjas is to put it in a book.

Assumption: Gay beautician from Atlanta or Detroit named Toine, who is a big Will and Grace fan and shops at H&M. Or could be a reformed L.A. gang member.

Assumption: Name is Keisha, from the Eastside of [insert city], loves busting it wide open while stunting on you hoes.

Assumption: Professional woman or business owner. Makes more than 85% of her male counterparts, drives a 750 series BMW. Pledged AKA and enjoys brunch with bottomless mimosas. Oh as quiet as it is kept, loves tea bagging.

Assumption: Token black guy who doesn’t listen to hip hop except for post-2008 Jay-Z and Kanye West. Drives a hybrid, drinks Heineken light, and was probably voted most likely to die a virgin.

Assumption: A vegan who burns incense and wears body oils. She goes by Isis (her birth name Lisa, but don’t tell anyone), smokes weed “you know, to free her mind,” shops at farmers markets, reads books by James Baldwin, and is a poet.

Assumption: Drives an Audio, wears sunglasses at night and a bowtie to a lounge. Always networking, gets a mani and a pedicure. Doesn’t actually goes on dates, just “hangs out” with women. Drinks Nuvo and gets upset if he misses the free before 10:30 drinks special.

Well there you have it; as much as we like to think we aren’t superficial or judgmental, we can’t but help let what we see dictate how we feel about people.

Are there any “types” that cause you to judge people?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy the Great.

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