I’m not sure if you know this or not, but there are a couple of things that I feel some type away about, now I know what you are saying, not not you Breazy, you are flier than a piece of paper bearing your name, and would be right grasshopper, but the truth is there are moments when I don’t feel Breazy like, as few and far in between, they’re there.I-m-an-artist-and-I-m-sensitive-about-my-shit-yes

I know it’s hard to think of me being sensitive, I mean I’m not Drake at a Julia Roberts marathon, but I’m human and from time to time I get in my feelings. So in true Breazy fashion, I present to you a list of things that makes Breazy sensitive and shit.

1. My hair

Honestly I don’t think there is anything wrong with my hair, I have 360 waves when my hair is cut short and after letting my hair grow for awhile, its curly. The reason why I’m sensitive about my hair is because no one believes my hair is naturally curly, when it’s at a curly length. You don’t understand how this keeps me up a night, I mean every time I hear a “natural juices and berries” joke I want to throw a thesaurus at The Migos. The same people that say I have “good hair” (a term I hate) when my hair is short, are the same people saying that I must have a S curl.

2. Ethiopians think I’m Ethiopian.

It wasn’t until I moved to the DMV that I’ve been confused for Ethiopian more than OG Maco is confused for a rapper. Growing up jokes were always made about me looking like I was mixed with something Middle Eastern, which is not so funny when you are the one that always get’s picked for the random checks at the airport. Anyhoo, but once I moved to the DMV, Ethiopians started claiming me like I was one of their own, so much in fact that at least once a week while riding the Metro a dude named Abraham will make a 40 yard dash from one side of the platform to the other just so he can ask me if I was his cousin from Ethiopia and for train fare, cousin Lucky who?

3. Hip Hop.

If you all don’t know by now I am a Hip Hop head, and I consider myself to be a purist, so needless to say I’m not a fan of today’s rap, have you ever tried selling shit in a box and slapping a guarantee on it? Well that’s kind of how today’s rap is to me, most of it is a bunch shit wrapped up in hip hop wrapping.

4. Trying to buy tennis shoes at Footlocker, Foot Action or Champs.

Let me say first that I wear a size 14. Now that we got that out the way, most shoe stores only sell shoes up to a size 12, and when they do have shoes bigger than a twelve it’s normally on a little ass rack in the back of the store near the stock room. This rack is normally wear big shoes go to die, because they are normally the ugliest fucking shoes ever made, no self respecting man would be caught dead wearing them. And don’t let there be a woman sales associate trying to help me, I’ve been given more telephone numbers without even asking from attempting to buy shoes than I would at any club – which on second thought, isn’t a bad thing. You have no idea how hard is to buy shoes when being hit on buy someone that wants to free Willie, I guess now I know how women feel when being hit on when trying to buy maxi-pads. Moving on.

5. Being black and from Denver.

***Demographics: The City & County of Denver has a diverse ethnic population including 11.1% African American; 31.7% Hispanic; 2.8% Asian and 1.3% Native American. Metro Denver has an ethnic population of 5% Black; 18% Hispanic; 3% Asian; 1% Native American and 3% multi-racial.
As you can see Denver isn’t exactly a chocolate city, I still love it and claim Denver as if I was still living thee. The problem has always been meeting other blacks in the different cities and countries where I lived and telling them I’m from Denver. No one believed me, and would look at me like I was one of Aretha Franklin bras, something that isn’t there. I guess to them blacks only live in L.A., Chicago, Detroit, Houston and other larger cities and to them, they can’t fathom that there are blacks from Denver.

*** statistics provided by http://www.hometodenver.com/stats_denver.htm

That’s it, these are just a couple of things that make me feel a certain way. What are some of yours?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy the Steamboat Dragon.

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