When do you get comfortable?

Let’s say you and your new boo thang, aren’t new anymore, and have been dating for a while, you still want to present the best you, but you also want to be comfortable enough in your own skin to be able to to say your ABC’s while burping. Or perhaps you just want to stop being too lady like, when trying to cover up the fact that you take grown man shits – forget turning on the fan, you would probably need to light a pack of incense just to make the smell disappear.

You didn't tell me you were addicted to porn
You didn’t tell me you were addicted to porn

At what point do you stop being nice and get real? You know what I’m talking about, when do you feel comfortable enough to stop putting on a front and present the real you? I understand you want to put your best foot forward, especially, during the early stages but if you can’t fart in front of the person without that person wondering if your insides just died, is it really Love – no New Edition?

So again, when do you start to feel comfortable enough to be the “regular” you? I don’t mean, comfortable to the point where you stop doing things that add spark to your relationship, but the things that really show your essence. Since relationships are constantly changing, there’s always going to be the need to keep it exciting and fresh.

Better yet when do you feel that person that claims to be ride or die, is actually bout that life? It’s one thing to open up and and show your true colors, but when do you feel that the other person has given you the non proverbial head nod, to let you know that you can scratch your balls while she’s brushing her teeth?

I know we all want to feel as if we can be free and let our hair down, with the person that we are with. Who doesn’t want someone that you can not only break her back but confide all your deepest, darkest secrets. I’m sure that we all have that side of our selves, that we are exhausted from hiding from the world, that we wish we had someone to help carry the burden.

Ladies, I’m sure you probably get tired of lying to us about going to the car to get something, when you really have to fart. And I’m sure you are tired of hiding your clay mask, for fear that your man may think you are an extra from Dead Presidents.

Fellas you know you are tired of hiding your porn stash and West Coast Productions online password. Not to mention those old dirty ass drawers that you keep hiding under the dresser.

So again when do you know it’s ok to show your s/o the bad and the ugly and not just the good?

Talk to me I’ll talk back.

Breazy Taylor

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