Is White Privilege the same thing as blatant racism?

Imagine being told that you can have anything you ever wanted or that you can achieve any goal as long as you work hard. Now imagine being told that everyday of your life. I’m pretty sure after having that drummed into your head it’s all you know and it shapes your outlook on things. So much in fact that you might tell others the same thing when giving advice, because that’s all you know.privilege-or-prejudice-e1371451373205

If being told that the world is your oyster how can you not have a superior complex or a “get like me” attitude?

Now imagine being told that you will have to work 3 times as hard as the next person, just to be considered equals at best. After hearing that everyday of your life, I’m pretty sure it will shape and mold your work ethic, if not cause you to never be satisfied and a little resentful of those that had it better.

On the surface white privilege comes off as another form of racism, but is it really? I myself hate it when my white co-workers tell me all I have to do is work a little harder or try things the way that they did them. It irritates me to no end, but I can’t totally blame them for their “better luck next time outlook,” because that’s all they know. After all the majority of them never had to endure the same hardships and struggles that I have as a black man, or have ever tried to play a game that is rigged against them from birth.

If those that benefit from white privilege give advice, based off the things they were taught and their life experiences, does it mean they are being racist, condescending or neither?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


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