U Mad???

Faster than a speeding bullet, strong enough to stop a locomotive, the ability to leap white women in a single bound, no it’s not Omari Hardrick shopping at The GAP, it’s Serena Williams, doing what Serena Williams does best, completely destroying the competition on the way to her 6th Wimbledon championship and 21st major. The possibility of Serena dating the beige, ninja Drake not withstanding, she’s a bad mother – shut yo mouth

You mark ass busters can't see me.!
You mark ass busters can’t see me.!

Not since Michael Jordan, who ruled the NBA from 91 – 93 and again 96 – 98 has an athlete completely imposed their will on others, while breaking the hearts of the competitors. The only other person that came close was Tiger Woods, before his ex-wife showed him which one of them knew how to really swing a nine iron.

In what is supposed to be the golden age of tennis, especially women’s tennis where women’s salaries match their male counterparts, a feat that is un-heard of in professional sports, it’s safe to say that it’s a good time to be a tennis player. Attendance is up and so are ratings thanks to the likes of Roger Federer, the ageless wonder; the elastic man, Novak Djokovic; and even the ailing Rafael Nadal on the men’s side, not to mention Maria “long legs”
Sharapova and of course Serena, along with her sister on the women’s side.

So naturally with tennis at an all time high, you would think that everyone would be happy about Serena’s Wimbledon victory, right? But that’s where you would be wrong; all is not well in the land of country clubs and pasty white women named Samantha, just like Rihanna pissed off white feminists everywhere with her snuff film disguised as a video; Serena’s latest Wimbledon victory, which is pretty much standard right now, sort of like Chris Brown and Karrueche tweefing. Serena’s latest victory has set off a thunderstorm of controversy amongst racists whites.

First the New York Times, wrote an article that came off as not only painting Serena versus everybody but it also managed to demonize her muscular frame, while catering to the otherwise European idea of beauty, just like America does. What made the article a head-scratcher, other than the obvious, was that it was about Serena’s body as she was vying for the Wimbledon championship. Causing people to scratch their heads, wondering why there was an issue about her body as she was preparing and playing for the championship.

And then of course there were those that used social media throughout the tournament to criticize Serena for everything ranging from her looking like and grunting like a gorilla to her supposed bad attitude, as if being fucked with 24 hours a day for how she looks and being one of a handful of black players wouldn’t change your perspective on certain things. All in all Serena couldn’t win either way, either she’s an ugly woman built like a car or she’s a nigger that just happens to dominate a sport that has been historically white.

And now after this past weekend’s victory, as if he had nothing better to do, one former George W. Bush staff writer suggested on Twitter that Serena had to be on steroids 0_o.

From being raised in the equivalent of a war torn country – Compton, which is not exactly a hotbed for Tennis talent, being bigger and faster than her supposed competitors, to dominating a sport that is traditionally filled with the world’s idea of “classically attractive well to do White women.” Serena basically took a page out of Frank Sinatra’s book and does things her way.

Truth be told Serena is a lot stronger than I am, she along with her sister have dealt with this their whole career and basically “sucked it up.” I know I would’ve told one of the countless commentators that picked at Serena’s cultural differences from the rest of the field and one of the social media racists, loud and clear to get of my di&% nigga and tell yo bitch to come here along time ago.

So, why do you think Serena Williams receives so much hate? Other than the obvious, could this be a case of people being mad at her, because they are not her?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Albert.

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