Trapping out the bando????

I’m not sure if I’m getting old or these young ass niggas have lost their minds, first Chief Keef (whatever the fuck a Chief Keef is) get a record deal now niggas are using names for clothing as slang. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Bando, the new go to slang for Fetty (I’m from New Jersey, but I sound like I’m from Atlanta), Wap, Migos and any other rapper that was voted most likely to repeat kindergarten.

What the fuck does Bando mean???
What the fuck does Bando mean???

At first glance “Bando” sounds like something Drake would to say to his endless supply of video vixens (you know Drake be saving them video hoefessionals), ie, let me take you off the pole and make these bando’s rain all over you as I dry my beige tears. But I digress, all bando is, is ghetto architectural slang for an “abandoned building”, more specifically selling drugs out of an abandoned building.

Now genocide not withstanding, I’m one for getting your money and shit, but if you need to come up with a slang word for where you are hustling, you’re probably not a good dope boy. Kind of like dudes that give their di## pet names, like, peter and locomotive. Chances are dude isn’t putting down right in the bedroom. As a matter of fact that should be the next rule in the dope boy’s manual, right after “don’t get high off your own supply”, rule 5 section 80 do not come up with dumb ass slang for where you sell dope.

Now I don’t know how this younger generation comes up with the latest slang they use, I imagine they all get together, watch Telemundo and pick which words to cut in half to use for slang. Which would make sense, because I swear these cats don’t speak an ounce (see what I did there) of understandable English, kind of like Future ordering a number 1 value meal without auto-tune, moving on.

But for real bando has to be the worst slang word in the history of slang words, how can any self respecting dope boy think he sounds “gangsta” when referring to women’s clothing as a place to sell dope? But the scary thing is, most dudes probably won’t know that bando is basically a tube top, not unless his name is Antawn.

So in all this post probably doesn’t make sense, and that’s ok I just wanted to write about how I thought bando was the dumbest word ever. What are some slang words that you think are dumb and probably shouldn’t be used.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy the Barbarian.

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