It All Comes Down To the Money


“For I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love”

Why is it that people who say that they don’t care too much for money already have it?  As I continue this voyage called dating, one thing is very clear to me; money matters.  And as much as everyone attempts to deny that it doesn’t, it does.  The denial is rather comical to me.  In some shape or form, every online dating site asks for your occupation.  Occupation is really another way of saying “How much money you got?”  Also in any first date setting, questions about your current job/career are normally the first or second question that is asked.  Yet, when I ask females does money matter in obtaining a date, many say no.  I beg to differ.

Ladies, regardless of what you trick yourselves into believing, guys understand that money matters to you.  Because of this fact, guys act accordingly and will go to great lengths just to be noticed.  Please don’t get it twisted.  No matter what the media says in regards to the unequal ratio of males to females, a guy fights for a woman’s attention daily.  Whether it’s in the car he drives, the cologne he puts on, or the shoes he wears, a guy wants to be noticed. The more expensive the car, the more extravagant the cologne, the more lavish the shoes, the more a guy is noticed.  Fellas know that if they do not make a certain income, they have to fight twice as hard for a woman’s employment.

Let’s take Todd and Kareem for example. Todd is 26,  very easy on the eyes with a chiseled physique, but wears fairly old shirts and shoes while he is saving his money.  Todd just received his bachelor’s degree but is unable to find work.  He is currently working at a telemarketing firm and a fast food joint until he can find something to do with his degree.  He drives a ‘97 Nissan Altima that needs a new paint job and is missing all the hubcaps.  Then you have Kareem who is also 26 with a fairly average physique but wears the latest clothing and colognes.  He works for a major pharmaceutical company and drives a ‘14 BMW with twenty inch rims.  Both of these guys come up to you at a gas station and offer to pump your gas.  After pumping your gas, both ask for your number.  Ladies, which one do you give your number to?  Which one do you say thanks and send on their way?  I’ll wait . . . . . .

rick ross rolls

Since guys know that money matters, some will go through deceitful methods to get the finest prey.  There was a situation in one of my Facebook groups where this pretender decided to up the game by conjuring these elaborate tales of where he traveled, who he met, yadda yadda yadda.  He would post pictures of these expensive, foreign cars and ask the ladies which one should he drive that day.  Buddy would even post pictures of a pool where he said he had just finished his morning swim. Now me and the other guys of the group were suspect of the pretender from day one because he never revealed his face and he refused to use his real name.  I actually remember questioning a female friend of mine in the group about him because she was “going in” head first for a guy she didn’t know and had never seen!  All she knew were the extravagant items that came up on her timeline.  And she wasn’t the only one.  Oh no no no! Whenever the pretender would make a comment, at least ten females would want to interact with him.  They would flirt with him and send countless pictures to his inbox.  So when the truth finally came out that ladies of the group were being catfished, all them blasted him out calling him everything but a child of God (most words were expletives).

Now you know why Chris Brown penned the song “Loyal”.  Guys know what’s at stake in most cases.  We are trying to get noticed, just like you are ladies.  We can call it being ourselves if we want but most of us are sending representatives to do whatever it takes to swing your vote our way . . . . and vice versa.  That’s the game we play at the onset.  It’s when we finally let our guard down that we can get to know the candidate for who he/she is.  Unfortunately, we don’t tend to find that person out until after the vows . . . . . .

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