Mental Stimulation

One thing that I’m being forced to recognize as my daughter graduates high school in two weeks and my son prepares to enter middle school is that I’m getting older.  I’m also recognizing that I’m evolving in my thoughts and perceptions of others.  So you can imagine how dating is for me right? I know you’ve heard about a person’s expectations of a significant other getting smaller as one ages but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  With plastic surgery becoming more affordable, Viagra becoming more accessible, and more athletes willing to give their millions to one night stands, some people are getting stuck in the evolution process.  Why else would a seventy year old prune pursue a twenty year old cupcake?  I’m not hating the game but I am questioning the rules.

Will you see me dating a twenty year old?  Absolutely not!  No disrespect. When I was in my twenties, I dealt with a lot of unnecessary drama just because baby girl was fine.  As I come to the end of my thirties, I long for mental stimulation.  I desire someone that makes it easy to take it easy.  I want to be able to relax and not always be “on” which I feel I am most of the time.  It’s difficult for me to find someone that I feel at ease just talking to.  Kinda like conversing with a good friend, you know? (There’s that word again . . . . )  I enjoy expressing myself verbally with a woman who can discuss more than just what happened on the reunion special of Housewives of Atlanta and echo the lyrics to the latest Fetty Wap song.  Notice that I said woman . . . . . .


Intelligent and confident women are sexy to me. Very sexy.  Don’t get me wrong now.  I still love large and roundly shaped “assets” like the next guy but there’s something about a woman who is articulate and knows herself.  That in itself peaks my interest and makes me want to know her more.  That kinda sexy keeps me on my toes because she doesn’t need my resources. She has her own.  And she doesn’t have to walk around with letters behind her name stating how many degrees she has.  She knows her worth.

Life has shown me that looks and appearances change. Wrinkles appear.  Knees start to stiffen. Health issues may arise that may cause a woman to lose her breasts.  Health issues may arise that may cause a man to lose his leg.  Life happens at inopportune times.  Like I’ve said before, I’m getting older so I need something that will sustain all of the changes.

For me, I’m a simple man with simple taste.  I need someone that doesn’t need a concert all the time when I’m with them.  I desire a woman that I don’t have to counsel every day when I come home.  Someone that will discuss my day with me without saying “got emm” at the end of every damn statement.  Someone that will challenge me to complete my dreams and provide insight when asked upon.  Someone who I can relax and play board games with in the park on a Saturday afternoon while discussing life events.  Someone who can accompany me to church and feel at ease to worship with.  Well, it sounded simple when I started . . . . .

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