In A World…Without Weave ( Just Read The Beginning Like A Movie Trailer…)

(Sorry Bey, I found this on the internet. Please don’t have someone come get me)

Imagine a world without video vixens with long golden tresses, gyrating around your favorite rapper’s car. What if that same woman had to depend on the hair that she was blessed with to land the privilege of being able to have Chris Brown’s arm draped across her shoulder. If the main video model ( I use that term very loosely) had a short ‘do, would Breazy look at her with the same admiration and lust? Would she be the focal point of the video? Or would he divert everyone’s attention away from her hair and execute some serious dance moves instead?

What would our pop stars and R&B divas be without the ability to purchase a good pack of Remy? Can you imagine what Beyoncé would be without her hairography? Would any of us have wanted to be EnVogue when we got older, as they were the first female group to be so versatile with their manes? If Ciara had to hip shake and twerk with an afro, would we love it just as much? Even as fashion trend setters, would society be so inclined to follow these women’s every wardrobe change if they all had hot comb press n’ curls?

In the hills of Hollywood, would we be able to embrace all of our black actresses if they had to be natural on-screen? Would varied roles be offered to these women, or would it even matter? How comfortable would actresses be if they could never wear extensions that they feel made the part? Let’s all be real, everyone cannot rock the Halle Berry short ‘do. Hell, Halle can’t even rock it all the time (did you see that awful curly wig she wore in “The Call”?).

Let’s not forget what type of status people feel they have accomplished with the surge in social media presence. Do you think this has anything to do with a woman’s ability to change her hair? Outside of Amber Rose, how many women do you think would flaunt themselves in front of the Instagram filter if they had tight curls that didn’t reach past their ears? Would the same women who spend more on their extensions than they do their kids have enough confidence to use the #nofilter hashtag and post 7 selfies a day?

I pondered this subject a few weeks back, and thought that women would lose their MINDS if they couldn’t wear a weave. I am in no way judging anyone who chooses to do so, and there is nothing inherently wrong with wearing extensions, but I feel our concept of beauty and self-love would be completely different if all we had to beautify ourselves came from, well, ourselves. Since the existence of weave can never be erased from our memories ( I certainly wish I could forget when I had one), I know it would be quite difficult to imagine our acceptance of beauty without it. If we never knew an alternative to wearing our natural hair, would we be automatically be inclined to be attracted to the only thing we had? Would there be such a disparity in the way women look, without the Yaki alternative?

Black women are beautiful, and since our looks are so diverse, we will always have the ability to define different concepts of beauty. Instead of weaves, we have different ways to wear our hair- in an afro, locs, blow outs, cornrows, even sexy bed head ( which can turn into James Brown/Nick Nolte with the right humidity). But I can’t help but wonder how much we would accept ourselves if we were just…ourselves. We all know that many women, no matter what race you are, take their hair very seriously, and find it to be the focal point of how they define their own personal beauty.  Without the ability to alter our hair so drastically, would men (and women) accept our beauty? Would we yearn to look like our female counterparts of other races? Would it even matter?

What say you? What would you do if you couldn’t go from 3 inches to Brazilian Silky 100% Human Virgin Indian ( can you tell I know nothing about the beauty supply store?) real quick?

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