The Crazy Familiar

“This time you can trust me . . . .”


Whenever I watch this scene, I always wonder why in the hell does Charlie Brown (who we shall call Brother Charles) keep falling for this game that Lucy plays?  She continues to manipulate Charles fragile emotions, always promoting that she will hold that brown pigskin for Charles to kick it.  For some reason unbeknownst to the viewing public, Charles has this undying desire to kick this football.  Now you think he would have learned his lesson the first time Lucy’s sadistic ass pulled the football away from him but no!  Charles remedial behind falls for Lucy’s lines every, single, time!  Every time he is on the verge of realizing his dream, he finds himself flat on his back listening to another excuse Lucy is giving him.  Any other sensible child would have stayed away from Lucy and her devilish ways after the first time.  Any other child would have gotten their own football and had someone else to hold it.  However, Brother Charles is like a lot of us.  Yep, us.  He’s become accustomed to the familiarity of failing.  As strange as it sounds, Charles never expects to succeed.  Why is that?


We all have made decisions that we regret later in life.  Whether it was those expensive red bottoms that you couldn’t afford or that car that you just had to have but couldn’t afford to pay the insurance, we all have regrets.  And most times, we learn from our mistakes and we are afforded “do overs”.  However when it comes to dating, why is it that we continue to date the familiar?  As much as we say we want someone new, I continue to witness a number of acquaintances, family, and friends continue their same dating habits because it’s familiar. I continue to hear the same whiny songs.  “I Can’t Find Any Good Men”, “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”, and “All Men are Assholes” are just a couple of the songs that are in constant media rotation.  And some of the songs ring true.  However, we continue to date assholes.  Yeah, that guy that just seems to come around right before tax season EVERY year and helps you to spend your return?  And yes fellas, we continue to date these uncouth hoes.  But why?


Dating the familiar is a subject matter I know all too well.  Let me be a little transparent for minute.  I too, am remedial when it comes to changing the women I date.  I attract and I am drawn to crazy and married women.  (Lord help me . . . .  ) For the life of me, I wish there was an in-between but there isn’t.  For most of my adult life, crazy and married women gravitate to me.  The reason? Well in another life, I help individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities.  I have a way of listening to people and trying to understand their unique way of thinking in order to come up with plans to help them have a productive life.  And from what I’ve been told, I do a decent job at it.  So yes, I tend to hear stories from psychopaths who believe they are misunderstood to those who don’t believe that living tomorrow would be beneficial.  And no matter who it is, I help them to function better.  I have to admit, it is a little exciting bringing order to one’s chaos.  So when it comes to relationships, I tend to continue to be the therapist instead of an equal partner investing in a life long commitment.  I welcome females who are damaged and attempt to put them back together. And instead of listening across from a desk to their problems and referring them to a psychiatrist for antidepressants and other mood stabilizers, I often end up prescribing late night sessions in my bed.  I find myself wondering half of the time why this woman won’t leave her husband and commit to me.  Other times I’m wondering why am I having to carry my gun at all times because I broke it off with “Crazy Daisy”?  It’s no wonder that I’m left empty after each encounter . . . . . .


Am I the only one addicted to chaos?  The media is capitalizing on our need for it daily.  As a result, we think we need to be in relationships in which we are constantly being cheated on and mistreated.  As citizens of the Matrix, we tend to shoot down what’s sensible in our pursuit to continue our sadistic lives.  I know I have.  The question now is, how do we solve it?

  • Yes, dating still sucks . . . . but it’s getting better . . . . . . . . .

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