The Chase

I must admit, I didn’t quite understand the humor in the cartoon when I was growing up. As a youth, I remember watching this battle of wills every Saturday morning and feeling remorse for Wile E. Coyote (or as I like to call him, Brother Coyote).  Everything that he tried never seemed to work.  The establishment, ACME, was making him look like an imbecile as they promised him success but guaranteeing failure with their defective products .  But Saturday after Saturday, he continued his pursuit.  As I progressed in age, I began to ask questions about the cartoon.  Like why is buddy hungry for a skinny chicken? Why not a roast? A good ham and cheese? Some beef or pork ribs? I mean, Brother Coyote is  buying all these products . . . . he can certainly buy some food right? Then what if he did catch his nemesis after all this time?  Would it even be worth all the work?  One thing was for certain. Chasing the Road Runner became a passion for Brother Coyote.  He sunk whatever monies he had on items to capture the object of his desire. What was it about the Road Runner that was so damn enticing?


Theorists will say that the cartoon provides deeper philosophical implications than just a mere chase.  Some believe that Brother Coyote is the unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit because he never gives up.  Others believe that Brother Coyote represents a manipulative government attempting to control the people. Well I’m far from the average theorist.  All I really see is the chase.  I see two entities who are who they are and this is how they live.  The chase gives both a sense of purpose.  It’s a pattern that they have somehow set up and have become familiar with.  The same can be said with today’s dating process.  However, it seems that we are all chasing ourselves rather than someone else.


Brother Coyote and the Road Runner knew the rules of the chase.  Brother Coyote would pursue the Road Runner.  At no time did the Road Runner say to itself that it was going to start chasing the coyote.  However, in 2015, the rules are nowhere near noticeable. When asked, men and women can never agree on who should pursue.  We (and by we I mean the fellas) understand that women normally give the chase.  Yes ladies, you do.  If a man shows interest by saying a simple “hello” or “good morning”, he’s considered thirsty or worse . . . . . a simp.  If a guy is lucky to get a response and able to get in a few words, a date may occur.  If he calls or text later in the night just to say that he enjoyed the date, it’s seen as weakness and that this guy is thirsty.  It’s only when the guy ignores the female for a day or so that it’s acceptable.  Sounds remedial doesn’t it?

As remedial as this sounds, this is what takes place more often than not.

I pursued my ex for more than a year.  I let her know that she was in my thoughts by sending her texts, emails, and cards.  I would wake up every morning and construct poems telling her of how wonderful she was to my Earth.  I even went further and used my gift of song to entreat her heart to become one with mine.  And although I was persistent, it wasn’t received.  It was only until I moved on to someone else that she wanted me to be with her.  I was no longer an option which became attractive to her.  She then began chasing me! For all of her efforts, I hit her with the “I really don’t care” and “fuck your feelings” responses.  The negative responses did not stop her.  It made her come on stronger and eventually I left the lady I was with for her. . . . . . .


Ladies, do you see how remedial this is?  Fellas are left with no choice but to play by the new rules that you all have established.  And you know what happens when people start changing the rules in the middle of a game?  No one wins because a fight is going to break out.  Females begin saying that they will never chase after a man.  Fellas start saying that all they will chase is money because women are attracted to men with money.  If no one is chasing, how does one get caught?


Proverbs 18:22 states “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord”.  For the longest time, I believed in this verse.  Like most people who read this passage of scripture, I believed that a man should pursue a woman.  Don’t get me wrong. I still want to believe but it’s hard when the facts are there.  Ladies, please believe me when I say that men don’t and won’t mind a chase if there is something of substance worth chasing.  When we chase, please let us know our efforts are not in vain by dangling a carrot or something!  Sheesh! ACME is promoting division among us and we have become nothing more than dogs chasing our tails . . . . . . .


Did I mention that dating sucks . . . . . . it really does . . . . . .


And yes . . . . I’ve discontinued my online dating accounts . . . . . .



  • Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

3 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. Dock! I like it. I like it! Good job. Glad you started blogging. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile. Keep it up!

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