Workplace Appropriate Rants

The very title of this piece is an oxymoron- I don’t think there’s ever an appropriate time to complain about your job, especially while ON THE JOB. I’m not sure if this is a feeling that people who really don’t enjoy employment possess in their soul, but it’s ridiculous.

This thought was brought on by a recent trip I took, that involved the attendants on my flight. Now, I like to secure a seat in the last row of the plane where I prefer to stretch out. Outside of a bathroom disaster, it allows me to relax and enjoy some quiet time. Unfortunately, Laverne and Shirley were manning this flight, and decided to give me a reason to consider first class the next time I boarded a plane. They made the sound decision to conduct a rather saucy bitch session while people were boarding, and eventually, during our time up in the air. Loud enough for all to hear ( I swear I was not trying to eavesdrop), they went on a vicious rant about new flight attendants, training, pay increase (and the lack thereof), and even the supposed attitude of the pilot. It got out if hand when they began discussing the type of passengers on certain flights (complaining about not wanting to take trips to Mexico for the next month to avoid “all the white trash on the plane”). To say I was shocked was an understatement. I was very close to writing a complaint letter to the airlines (I’m pretty good with those), but it was my birthday trip, and once I landed I started thinking about wine, and that thought was gone.

What I took away from that experience was their audacity to complain about the very work they were doing while they were on the job. I know that not all jobs are ideal, work conditions are never perfect, and not everyone will get paid what they deserve. But there’s a certain way to conduct yourself and that ain’t it. What if I had been a secret shopper? What if we were secretly taping an episode of Undercover Boss? Although I’m pretty sure they would know that the CEO of Blah Blah Airlines is not a five-foot 27-year-old with a snoring issue, I miss the days that you kept your personal complaints about your employment to yourself. Whatever happened to just moaning to your family when you get home at the end of a long day, after your suitcase has been dropped down by the doorway? Or in many adult’s cases, talking to a glass wine, who knows how to make everything better after a long day? It still blows my mind that these flight attendants, and so many others are comfortable with voicing their disdain for their work WHILE AT WORK.

It does not help that social media has exploded. Case in point: there was a young lady in recent weeks who took to Twitter to complain about her job, that she was none to excited about going to the next day. What made it even worse is that she had not even started the job yet! She was set to start the next day, and apparently was not smart enough to realize that her future boss would see it ( it IS the Internet), and feel some type of way about it. Needless to say, she was not able to enjoy the free pizza of her labor, as she was fired immediately ( via Twitter, nonetheless, with an extremely witty response from the boss). How are you going to get fired on yo’ day off? She was worse that Craig, because she didn’t even make it to Day 1.

Apparently, discretion and professionalism has been tossed out the window for these people. But I know a lot of people outside these windows that would love to have the job you are moaning about. As I mentioned before, no job or career  (there’s a difference, just ask Chris Rock) will be perfect, and void of complications. But you need to keep that to yourself. Whining and complaining in front of the public or on Twitter and Instagram will not do you any good, and you might find yourself jobless. If you have legitimate concerns about your place of employment, grow up and speak to someone about it  ( i.e. your boss or respective HR department). Be the change you want to see. Anything else, you’re probably just ungrateful, lazy, or guilty. Just go ask Pizza Girl.

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