Love’s Executioner

Love's Executioner . . . . . .
Love’s Executioner . . . . . .

“With the anticipation of seeing you,

I quicken my pace.

Every minute seems to be an hour

Every hour seems to be a day;

Three hundred and sixty five.

The days without you here in my arms are empty

Similar to the night without the moon.

All I have are the stars to guide my footsteps

Back to where my heart can become whole again

So I follow your star

To present you with all of my gifts

Because you are worthy of them

For you are love”

Do you remember the first time you fell in love?  I wrote this poem during my ninth grade year at Davidson Fine Arts where I fell in love for the first time.  The high was so exhilarating that I didn’t want to come down at all.  Love was simple, yet satisfying.  Love to me was writing letters about how much I missed her company.  Letters would detail how I would lie to my parents about staying after school for a school function in order to meet her at the downtown library to share an hour or so of her time.  Love was letting her wear my New York Giants Triple Fat Goose jacket when it was cold so she could be warm (and anyone that knows me could tell you that jacket was my prized possession)  Love was redialing the hotline for Foxie 103 for thirty-minutes plus to request “Two Occasions”. Love was late night phone calls full of “alright you hang up, no you hang up, on three hang ups”.


Love had complete control of my fourteen year old life.  I couldn’t focus on anything but her.  She had a beautiful, warm smile.  Her eyes shined beneath her glasses whenever she looked my way.  She hypnotized me with those hips that would put a Real Atlanta Housewife to shame.  The fact that I was failing classes for the first time in my life didn’t even phase me.  She was my sun, moon, and universe.  I was going to marry this girl with no job and we were gonna live happily ever after.  So it was no surprise that when Valentine’s Day was on the horizon, I was scheming of ways to show my future that she was appreciated and wanted in my space.  My schemes involved borrowing money from two of my closest friends at the time so that she could have the best Valentine’s Day.  My mind escapes me as to what I bought her but what I do remember is that she got me a white bear with a red balloon with “I Love You” in a plastic, cylinder case.  It probably cost no more than five dollars at the time but it meant the world to me. It was the first time that a female outside of my mother purchased something for me because she honestly cared for me.  And honestly, that was the best gift any female has gotten me for Valentine’s Day to this date.


February 14, 2015 will be the first time since high school that I will not obligated to give a vital organ to pay for a Valentine’s Day gift/package/vacation. (and trust me, I’m PERFECTLY cool with it . . . . ) Valentine’s Day is not like it was back in 1992.  A day that was so innocent back then is now seen as a “happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance” day in the Matrix.  For women, Valentine’s Day is a secret competition at work to see which husband/boyfriend can out spend the others.  Females silently laying in wait for a floral delivery to come to their place of work with a simple card attached to two dozen roses that will die in several days and candy that the wife/girlfriend will complain took her away from her Daniel fast.  Or better yet, females praying the husband/boyfriend will come to their job dressed in his finest suit, gift in hand, and whisk them out to lunch.  And for what? To make her co-workers jealous.  For guys, it’s another day that we have to appear happy purchasing items that damn near cost as much as the Christmas gift that we purchased just 51 days ago.  (Yep, not even two whole months removed from Christmas!) It seems that every ad is for Zales, Pro Flowers, or Sherri’s Berries. Rare are the ads for a new television or sound equipment during this sweeps week of cuffing season. What does the husband/boyfriend get for Valentine’s Day? Let’s just say it’s the same thing that he got for Christmas and his birthday. . . . .

Now don’t get me wrong, I still like to shower my lady with love . . . when I do have a lady.  However, I feel that Valentine’s should be reciprocal in the gift giving department.  Am I the only the guy that feels this way?  Ladies, what are you doing for YOUR man for Valentine’s?  And please don’t say “giving him some” . . . . . . . . . . .

One thought on “Love’s Executioner

  1. Another great article! I want to answer your question, “Ladies what are you doing for your man for Valentine’s Day?” Well I don’t actually have a man at the present time but speaking from Valentine’s Day past I generally hook my man up. Valentine’s Day happens to be my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a day that’s set aside to express LOVE!! I treat it just like A birthday. I use this day as a good excuse to celebrate that persons presence in my life. I remember one Valentine’s Day when I was married my husband came home to me dressed in some new lingerie and candle light around the whole apartment. I had a bath drawn with heart shaped soap flakes floating on top of the water. I undressed him and bathed him ( seductively of course) when we were finished with that in our bedroom I had a plush robe some boxer shorts and some Pleasures for Men cologne gift wrapped for him. After I gave him a quick lotion down he put on all three gifts and we went into the dining room where I had prepared his favorite meal. Now this man was not the gourmet type so fried chicken & hot sauce, mashed potatoes, broccoli and Pepsi in a wine glass and a Reese’s peanut butter cup for dessert was the meal. He was very pleased. As we talked across the table by candle light I gave him his last gift, a beautiful watch. So of course you can imagine how the rest of the night went. I myself am a giver and I take pleasure in showering the man I love. I have always and will always love Valentine’s Day. Not for what I can get out of my man that day but because of what I can give and show.

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