As we embark on our journey in 2015, I’d like to introduce myself to the blog followers of corner politics. My name is David Roberson and I’ll be the head man over the sports section at the blog. This is a blog I’ve been following myself over the course of the last 2 years, and I thought that I could be an asset to the corner politics family. I’d like to thank Breazy Taylor for providing this opportunity. It’s so humbling to be side by side with my big brother on this thing, it’s been a long time coming. He’s not my big brother in a literal sense, but we go way back. As a scout and talent evaluator it should be noted that I’m a football man first and foremost. Corner Politics will cover ALL things NFL including fantasy football, game previews, reports from All Star Games, the Combine, Pro Days, and the NFL Draft itself. For other sport fanatics don’t worry I’ve got you covered. We’ll talk NBA playoffs, the NCAA tournament, the big boxing and UFC matches, MLS, and Major League Baseball. Heck if something that has to be addressed happens in other sports, we’ll talk that too. As we continue to make progress and move forward with this thing we’ll even add podcasts and radio spots. 2015 has a chance to be a special year, and it’s an honor and privilege to be apart of this blog going forward. 2015 has the chance to be a fantastic sports year. Thank you all and Happy New Year!!! Let’s embrace it together one game at a time.

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