New Years Resolutions?

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, first and foremost. I think they are waste of time and better yet, an excuse to procrastinate. Why wait for the calendar to flip a page to do something you could have done the day before? Or why wait for a whole new year to do or not do the things you should or shouldn’t be doing all along?

Say it again.
Say it again.

I don’t knock anybody that makes New Year’s Resolutions, but to me, waiting for another year to be the person that you always wanted to be is a sign of laziness. What’s so different about waiting for January 1st to start working out from working out on December 31st? IMO if you really wanted to improve on yourself, you’d just do it rather than wait for some new year, new me bullshit.

I can understand the need to want to start a new year on a good foot; not wanting to bring the drama from the previous year into the new year. I mean, who wants to start off a new year with drama? But in reality, if you don’t want to carry over the mess into the new year, you probably should have dealt with it accordingly when it happened.

I think that our improvement, whether it’s working out, eating right or letting go of painful baggage, should be a year long process. By choosing to wait until the new year to make the necessary changes, you are electing to hold onto the bad habits, people and drama that you want to rid yourself of, for how many more months until the year ends. And who wants that? Who wants to carry around the pain that a person wants to desperately let go of, say for 6 more months?

I know I’m probably coming off judgmental, even though I don’t mean to. This is just something I feel strongly about, obviously. But What do you think? Are New Year’s resolutions overrated? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, what kind of resolutions did you make for this upcoming year?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


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