In the aftermath of this past weekend’s senseless killing of 2 cops in New York, the usual finger pointing has been going on. Everyone from Ex Mayor Rudy Giulani, to Stacey Dash, and actor James Woods have taken turns blaming Al Sharpton, Mayor Bill deBlasio and President Obama for the murders. While other threw in protesters from Ferguson MO, Staten Island and Cleveland, for good measure. Blaming their calls for justice as a catalyst to encourage others to do evil.P1-BS285_NYSHOO_P_20141221172855

But while all the accusations were being lobbied, back and forth, the actual deaths of the 2 cops and the lone gunman, seemed to have taken a backseat to political grandstanding. Instead of coming together and acknowledging that there is a problem and coming up with a solution, it seems everybody is looking to 2016.

This wasn’t the act of protester that had it up to here, who couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go postal on the first policemen he came across. No, this was cowardly act committed by Ismaaiyl Brinsely, someone who had a long criminal history, as well as mental illness, and even tried to commit suicide.

Brinsely shot his girlfriend, Shaneka Thompson, in Baltimore, stole her cell phone and caught a bus to New York City. Once he got to New York City, Brinsley updated his Instagram account, vowing to kill cops in retaliation of both Micahel Brown and Eric Garner’s deaths. Soon after the update Brinsely killed the first two policemen he across and his self.

It’s not clear whether or not Brinsley had taken part in any protests over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but it shouldn’t matter. This was one person that had a history of violence and mental health issues. Some can blame Bill deBlasio’s stance of holding police accountable, or President Obama, for saying that this is a “people problem, not just a black problem. But in doing that all that is accomplished is causing a bigger divide along racial lines, and failing to acknowledge that something is wrong, and needs to be fixed.

For all the people protesting the calls for justice, trying to turn the protests into a cop hating thing, fail to realize that this isn’t about hating police, but standing against the profiling, brutality, abuse of authority and institutionalized racism that has gone on for years.

What do you think? Is there a “War going outside, that no man is safe from”? Or do you think there is a way, that we can come together and come up with a solution?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Rather.

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