Stringer Bell got her crazy

K. Michelle has another album full of “men ain’t shit” about to drop and is making the promotional rounds. While her dropping another I’m a bitter woman x 12 isn’t anything new, hell it’s par for her course, I swear it would kill her to write about a good man every other song or two.k-michelle-idris-elba

But what is surprising is the fact that she allegedly dated Idris Elba for 8 months. What’s even more surprising is the fact that no one knew about it. Do you know hard it is for celebrities to keep any kind of romantic interaction under wraps and out of the news? It’s harder than R. Kelly judging a girl-scout pageant. I digress, but you get the point.

But any whoo back to the lecture at hand. While K. Michelle is making the promotional rounds, she is making it a point to speak on said relationship, that no one knew about (we don’t believe you, you need more people), any chance she gets.

Some may wonder why she is choosing to speak on it now. After all, that no one knew about it. It’s kind of like Trinidad James having his teeth straightened and no one is around to see it. Did he really get it done? Moving on, well it appears that Stringer Bell is the inspiration behind her new album Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart; which is not something that I would want to go on my headstone.

I mean, either you have the magic stick, and you dickmatized a chick that can’t let go, who decided to go the Taylor Swift route. Or, you were the shittiest boyfriends in the history of boyfriendom, and inspired a whole album of sad love songs. Either way, you are screwed.

After a recent interview with Russ Parr, of the Russ Par morning show, K. Michelle became so emotional played that they had to cut to an early commercial break. What stood about the interview was the fact that she felt comfortable in saying that Idris was her musical muse. And, because she’s an artist she’s going to put his business in the street, whether he likes it or not, all for the sake of artistry.

K. Michelle had this to say, “It still is what it is, but with my music he knows that with my music, I’m like the black Taylor Swift, I’m gonna write about you and I’m gonna talk about you and he really has no choice”

When asked if Idris had contacted her about the album and what if anything he had to say about it, K. Michelle said, “He sent me an email saying it was art and he’s sad it’s come to this. A lot of the things– we keep certain things– with us, it’s still private”.

So basically, if you ever knock the stuffing off K. Michelle’s English Muffin, she is going to immortalize you forever, and there ain’t shit you can do about it. Sucks to be whoever she decides to marry, let alone date.

As a writer, I understand that we are influenced by our personal lives, as well as our interactions with others. An occasionally, we feel the need to draw from our personal lives for inspiration. But at what point is it okay to put someone on blast so blatantly and without regard for their feelings? Most writers I know would at least change the name of the guilty party and at the very least wouldn’t be so free to talk about the other person.

Do you believe K. Michelle’s allegations? And do you believe, that it’s okay to put Idris on blast like that?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy fly Snucka

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