What You Talking Bout Wendy?

In a case of, “didn’t ya mama teach you that if you don’t have anything good to say keep your mouth shut,” messy boots talk show host Wendy Williams has gone and done it again. While this type of behavior is par for the course, I think she’s gone too far this time by attacking a 6 year old child.wendy-williams-matthew-knowles

On her show, Williams openly expressed her disdain for Mathew Knowles’ latest love child, daughter Koi Knowles, and simultaneously took shots at her mother Taqoya Branscomb.

Williams un-objectively compared Koi’s future singing aspirations to Beyonce by saying she would never be as successful as Beyonce because she was conceived during an affair Matthew had while he was still married to Beyonce’s mother. Williams continued to show off her PHD (playa hating degree), when she said, “If you think that she’s going to get a big record deal … that’s not going to happen” and “I think that Koi Mychael Knowles will be able to perform at the state fair.”

If that wasn’t enough, she had the nerve to question why Taqoya would give her daughter the Knowles’ last name since Matthew has never met her.

Now personally, I would normally care less what someone else chooses to do with their own life, let alone their families. What I don’t understand is why children are sometimes innocent victims in someone else’s insecurities or hating–much like grown men and women having something to say about Blue Ivy’s unkempt hair?

We all know that stirring the pot is Wendy Williams’ forte, but, I believe, she crossed the line this time. What has little Koi Knowles ever done to her, besides being born? Wendy might not approve of the way the child was brought into the world, but how is that her concern? I’m pretty sure if we looked through her closest we would probably find some skeletons, or at least some of her old skin, before the plastic surgeries.

It’s one thing to “ride” for Beyonce, but this is going above and beyond and it came at the expense of someone that not only doesn’t know what’s going on, but also can’t defend themselves. Trust me, Beyonce’s Beyhive will do a good job of making sure that Koi will never live down the actions of her mother. Hell, not only will they forget that Taqoya is Matthew Knowles 3rd baby mama, they might blame her for Ebola.

So what do you think? Do you agree that Wendy Williams went too far?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Hun.

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