“33% Girly”


basketball fiend

 (this is what I’d rather do with my time than go to the mall)

Nothing good ever comes from trolling around Facebook when you’re bored. Sometimes I wish I had a husband and children to occupy my time so I wouldn’t wander aimlessly around social media, laughing at dogs dressed like bears and babies dancing to Beyonce. Therefore, I completely blame my “singleness” for the fact that I took a Facebook quiz the other day, to determine just how “girly” I was. My score was a mere 33% “Girly”, so maybe I should blame my single status on that…

Do men still like tomboys? This is the moniker I was given in my test results. I’ve never considered myself a tomboy, because I could never get into climbing trees growing up, or playing with dirt and bugs. Now that I think about it, I was much more “girly” as a child. I was in dresses all the time, excluding the time I wore my orange swimsuit and blue Nikes for an entire month when I was five. I also played house and even wore barrettes in my hair. Now? I’d rather go to a basketball game on a date, instead of a candle-lit dinner and long walk on the beach afterwards. I like fantasy football ( only when I’m winning), and I feel most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans. Granted, it would be a very cute t-shirt, but that’s my wardrobe of choice as an adult. Just like women, men are going to have their individual preferences as far as who they’re attracted to. But I know there are men out there who prefer a woman that’s more laid back and has similar interests and hobbies. Come on now, what man wouldn’t want a woman he can talk sports with? That’s someone’s dream woman, right? Maybe not. In the current world of supermodels, video vixens, groupies, gold-diggers, plastic body parts, selfies, and the video for “Anaconda”, has the 33% woman been overshadowed? Am I, one who possesses sports knowledge better than most men, even able to compete  for a man’s attention if there’s a woman walking by wearing a body stocking, that doubles a dress?

Look here, I know I’m cute. Yes, people like my green eyes, I get it. I’ve had many male friends tell me that I have nice legs, they like my hair, and various other feminine compliments we all love. On the flip side, most of them also tell me that I seem like “one of the guys”, because I can chug a beer at a tailgate if necessary, and I really don’t enjoy spending time in the mall shopping for lycra dresses. I’d rather be at Buffalo Wild Wings on the first floor of said mall, next to bebe. But hey, I am trying to be flirty with the men at the bar, so that should count for something, right?

Women, we all should be who we want to be. Never change for a man, and if he doesn’t like you, screw him. This means you should leave him alone, don’t actually screw him. If you do, he will most likely hurt you and you will probably cry about it. If you’re a woman who exudes femininity, embrace it! Rock your skirts, your jewelry, perfectly coiffed hair, and MAC lipstick. If you wear all of these things as well as you do your confidence, you will definitely attract a man who loves all of that, and all of you.

And if you’re a woman who doesn’t own any lipstick, that’s fine. If you have more knowledge about WWE wrestling and beer  than all of your male cohorts, own that too. Be as hot as you can be in your sweatpants! Love the fact that you can’t stand to be in the Macy’s shoe department more than 5 minutes. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to dress “more like a woman” to get a man. Rock your messy bun, boyfriend jeans ( oh, the irony!), and Gap t-shirt. Wear all of this with the confidence that you love the skin you’re in, and cherish the fact that you also like buffalo wings. And if you’re single, don’t fret. There’s the perfect man out there, just waiting for you to come into his life and help him setup his lineup for next week.

I just want to know where this guy is. No, seriously guy, where are you?


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