Reality Does Not Make You Ratchet

(I watch while I complete algorithms)

I’ve had a love affair with reality television for awhile now. It started when I wanted to audition for the original one that started it all ( NOT Cops), The Real World on MTV. I couldn’t wait to go live in a random U.S. city, fall in love with an idiot roommate, and share all my feelings on camera. But when you think about reality television these days, we’re not talking about the good ‘ol MTV days. Oh no, The Real World has been replaced with 16 and Pregnant, Gypsy Little People, and Redneck Ice Truckers. But the genre that takes the cake, that has everyone talking on a daily basis at the water cooler, is all about the LADIES. Real Housewives of This. Basketball Wives of That. Married to Gynecology. Love and Hip-Hop Everywhere. It has made a term used to describe a mechanical device allowing you to maneuver socket wrenches forgettable. It is now used to describe women from the proverbial hood who are famous for being groupies of D-list rappers. And I love it.

I’ve discussed this topic of reality television on numerous occasions, mostly debating back and forth about whether I felt right watching it or not. But the urge to voice my opinion came to a boil after a fabulous fellow blogger and Corner Politics contributor posed the question of whether a man would be interested  in a woman who watched this so-called “ratchet” reality television ( shout out to Dena and CODEREDFLAG!). There were those who say it didn’t matter, others who side they didn’t like it, and the debate even went off course, with someone suggesting that there was a correlation between lack of education and an affinity for this type of television. Basically, you’re dumb if you watch any show that has the word “Housewife” ( which is used loosely) or “Atlanta” in it.

I certainly beg to differ. For one thing, the lovely woman who started the aforementioned discussion is an Ivey Leaguer, and I have a Master’s Degree, so you can throw that argument in the trash. In fact, the only person I can actually talk to at work about Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is my Director! Literally, she is the only person who understands Hazel’s plight to get Young Berg to love her. We can go on forever about the woes of a video vixen and the drama between New Jersey housewives, but also discuss annual reports and departmental budget figures. So you’re actually the dumb one if you think there is any connection with education and a desire to watch Atlanta Exes. Plus, the last time I checked, I can do whatever I want. If you don’t want to date me because I like to check up on the old members of B2K, that’s your problem, not mine.

Watching reality television doesn’t make me ratchet, it just proves I am a connoisseur of garbage shows. I know that this genre of television contains no actual educational value for anyone ( unless you wish to learn how to become famous for absolutely nothing), it’s just pure entertainment. You want to know the real truth? I watch it because it makes me feel better about the majority of the choices I’ve made in life. I’m happy to know I don’t depend on how good I look on Instagram for a paycheck. It makes me happy that I don’t have to rely on a sex tape to be “leaked” for people to know who I am. I’m ecstatic that I’m not one of the girls on these shows looking for a relationship with a man with my only requirements of him are to “get me right and hold me down” ( WTF does that even mean?!?!). Would I love to have a cookbook/bikini line/makeup line/handbag line/jewelry line/hair extensions empire/spandex dress line? Of course. That would give me a stream of income to pay back my student loans. But wait, I wouldn’t have student loans if I was on Love and Hip Hop South Miami. Maybe I should have…

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