My Way

Once again Corner Politics resident freak Taylor Danes, is back to help put some spice in your bedroom. So let’s do like AG and Showbiz and give her a freaky soul clap

My Way813477

Tonight I want it my way

Tonight I don’t want any hesitation

Tonight I don’t want any questions

I want to cum for you, cum all over you.

I wanna watch you stroke me into ecstasy

I wanna see your hands explore every part of my body

I wanna see your tongue slide in and out of my kitty

I wanna hear you slurp up all my juices as I cum for you over and over

I wanna feel your hands in my hair as you stroke me from the back.

I wanna feel you reach the point of no return and scream my name

Can you handle that, can you let me have My Way

Taylor Danes.

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And follow her on Twitter @MZ_TAYLOR_D


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