God Bless The Dead.

Since when did the significance of someone’s death become a matter of race? Better yet, when did it become necessary to comment on whose death deserves more political recognition after it becomes publicly known? There are some who are disappointed with our President for making a statement about the death of Robin Williams before making a statement about the death of Michael Brown. For those who look like ‘us’, and feel most impacted by the latter’s death, I can see how this could make them feel some type of way. But the last time I checked, death is death.obamasad

I don’t see why the timing or how long it took to make a statement should be a priority, when both families were left to bury a loved one. Why question the sincerity of the POTUS when he gave (what I believed to be) a heart-felt statement about the tragedy of a family burying a child? He disrespected ‘us’ by acknowledging the death of someone outside of his race before releasing a statement about the death of someone within his own race? Is that really a fair assessment?

True indeed, the issues that led to each death are on opposite totems. If the causes of death is your beef; be enraged over the fact that our president has failed to address an issue in America that has warranted widespread publicity long before the death of Michael Brown. Be enraged at his failure to address the killings of other young black men who are slain by crooked law enforcement, daily. Instead of addressing the issue at hand, people are questioning his ‘blackness’, or how ‘down’ he is, merely because he acknowledged two recent deaths out of the correct racial order. Although the way these individuals died raises awareness to separate issues (race relations included); death itself is universal. It knows no color lines, and neither does the grief that follows.

Keep this in mind: Violence happens every day. Each and every family that has lost someone to violence deserves condolences. Compassion should be extended to anyone impacted by death, whether it’s due to military combat, black on black crime, or police on black crime. Realistically, the POTUS probably had political reasons for not immediately addressing the death of Michael Brown. But does that mean the family and fans of Robin Williams don’t deserve public acknowledgement and respect? Don’t they reserve the right to mourn over his suicide? Regardless of how an individual dies, shouldn’t everyone impacted have that right?

If it was your loved one, would it matter who received the President’s condolences first?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy the Narrator

6 thoughts on “God Bless The Dead.

  1. Well, this is just my opinion. As he is the President of the Untied States, he obviously known about BOTH deaths. Acknowledging both deaths in a speech would have been appropriate as both were current news at the time in this country. To give condolences to someone that took his own life by his own hand and the other who did not. As sensitive and tragic as both is, It would have been a good move NOT to speak about neither one at ALL. But, “as always”, he focused on being the President of “Trendy & Foreign Affairs”, instead of The President of the Untied States. And he can play both fields and sugar coat what he wants, the president chose to speak about Robin Williams, because it was more “trendy” and had more clout, than the another black child being gunned down in the street. But as I did not vote for this man for another term (I did not vote at all), because the last term showed how “trendy” he was and the only reason he was elected is because his opponent was obviously a moronic hoax for him to get another term, and that the minority that makes up the majority in this country voted for him because he was black. Shows how simple minded, arrogant and desensitized we are as a people. White or Black.

    1. I do not know why, President Obama released a statement about Robin Williams, before Michael Williams, nor will I try to guess. I would like to think that world affairs my have had something to do with it, i.e. both parties failing to keep the cease fire along the Gaza going longer than 90 hours, over the weekend. So I don’t completely think it’s fair that he opted for the “trendy choice” over another black youth’s murder. The reality is, no one knows why. But does that mean that we should let it affect us?

      As nice as it would be to hear condolences from the POTUS, the truth is, there is a war going on in our communities. And condolences from the POTUS is not going to change it. We need to be vigilant and take care of our own and not worry about who offered a statement.

  2. I’m in tune with Breazy. Even though the President is “All Knowing,” one condolence does not supersede another.

    Robin Williams is a shock to us all. I must agree with the populous, ‘who can imagine a man that makes the world laugh, so sad inside.’ It is not beyond my comprehension as to why President Obama made his statement when he did.

    President Obama extending his condolences to the Williams family by no means diminishes the rage, hurt, and loss of Michael Brown felt by us all. The atrocity that happened in Ferguson, Mo has been happening to black men for the past 151 years, since the year 1863.

    Obama is not our Daddy. Just as the people of Ferguson banded together to find justice, everyone in their own community has a voice to enforce change. With this new technology, from smart phones to laptops, all are photojournalist.

    The same as ‘big brother’ is watching us; we now have the power to reciprocate. It is conceivable that Inner city cries for justice will influence the executive, legislative, and the judicial branch.

    1. Right, President Obama is just that, the President. Statements and condolences from him is not going to stop the pain that Michael Brown’s family is feeling, nor will it stop what is becoming an epidemic. It’s up to us, to stand up and protect our own, without looking to the government for assistance.

  3. The POTUS is not there to speak for himself. Aides, advisors, and others craft his statements and he takes them forward as they are handed to him. This really kills me….someone, anyone educate me on why death itself is a race issue. The announcement of one death before the other isn’t racial in the least. It’s not trendy and the two deaths aren’t related due to their circumstances. A celebrity died, once it was confirmed (usually by a family member or publicist) then the sorrow begins. I seriously doubt the POTUS had enough facts on hand to give a thought to what to say in Michael Brown’s situation.

    Seriously, from a white person’s point of view I can’t speak intelligently about cops shooting up people for no reason in my neighborhood; it never happened. I am shocked each time it happens, but admittedly, the shock has been wearing off. Not that I don’t care but it’s happening so often now that I’ve grown used to seeing it in the press, which can be a whole other blog post itself. I’ve never had the experience and pray I never will. With it going on so often, where’s the uprising? I’m not talking about looting and other BS, but where’s the revolution? What’s the plan? Who’s going to take action? Tough talk ain’t enough.

    I don’t hear anyone in congress or the White House announcing that another serviceman has committed suicide because of PTSD. The same goes with any death anywhere in the country for any reason. No death is above another. Yes…death is death, no one gets out of life alive but damn, stop politicizing every little thing. God has been politicized, Christ has as well. I guess it’s the grim reaper’s turn.

    Just thoughts from a white dude. Love, peace and respect to all of you.

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