Good Girl/Bad Girl

Back to help you treat yourself and not cheat yourself, is Corner Politics freak Taylor Danes. So let’s do like AG and Showbiz and give her a freaky soul clap.2014-08-07

The things that go through my mind at night I dare not speak them in the daylight. The things I want to do to you only reveal and unmask themselves at night.

The things I want you to do to me only manifest in those deep and dark late night hours. The wants, the needs, I can’t reveal unless it’s after Midnight.

See I’m not that kind of woman. I will never say or do those things

I feel your kisses on my skin, I hear your whispers in my ear, and I even feel the way you pull my hair

See again I’m not that type of woman that is into “that” sort of stuff I would never let you do that to me.

I close my eyes at night and my thoughts, my wants, my needs take over my essence drips with thoughts of you, my clit aches to be kissed, touched and devoured but this is only for the late night hours only

See I’m not the type of woman that does these things I never have such dark and dirty thoughts.

Taylor Danes

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