Watch The Throne???

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Apparently, everybody’s favorite power couples’ marriage is on the rocks. Either that, or someone’s working overtime to stir up suspicions regarding their union. Despite what Bey and Jay have to say, the rumors persist. Personally, I could give two bees in a bucket, mother mother fuck it, about the status of their marriage. It’s really all that’s been circulating; more than Rihanna at a Drake/Chris Brown after party on these internet streets.Beyonce-Jay-Z_900-600-06-25-13

And speaking of the head detective; Rihanna is somehow the root problem, kind of like x + y = a. Damn, even when she’s not trying to be smart, she’s still comes off smarter than Lil Boosie’s barber in the midst of their marital woes.

Things have reportedly gotten so bad between the two that they are basically living separate lives, sleeping in separate hotels, only spending time together when they are performing together during their “On The Run” tour. Oh, the Irony. The only running that seems to be going on, is them running from each other.

Please forgive me, I wrote this when I was dreaming. Back to my no fucks given about Jay’s and Bey’s matrimony issues… Somehow, I seem to be in the minority. If you read any article related to the rumors, you will see that said article has gone platinum from all the comments left. Comments ranging from dismay to agreement; with so much enthusiasm that you would think they knew Beyonce and Jay-Z.

While conversing with a co-worker of mine about how I care more about the upcoming NFL season than the rumors surrounding Jay-Z and Beyonce, she (in an animated voice) told me that I knew nothing Jon Snow, and asked how could I not care? They are one of the most famous black power couples in the world.

I have to admit, I gave her style points for the Game of Thrones reference, since I am a huge fan. But I said I could care less about them being a power couple. In response, I asked her if I should care about Niki Minaj’s left and right cheeks? Since the cover of her garbage ass single Anaconda was revealed last week, her ass cheeks seem to be the newest power couple.

After a bit of back and forth, I was labeled a hater, which is alright with me. I know I’m not a hater. I’m a congratulater. I just refuse to invest my time and energy into someone else’s marriage; especially that of a celebrity couple who don’t even know I exist.

While I do wish them success and hope they can work it out and shit, I will not be crying a river for either of them. I’m sure whatever happens, they’ll do just fine.

What do you think? Do you think that I am wrong for not caring about the supposed Queen and King’s marriage? How about you? How invested are you in their marriage?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


4 thoughts on “Watch The Throne???

  1. No I do not think you are wrong in not caring, these days the world seems to care way too much about things and people who don’t enrich or benefit their lives.

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