I Didn’t Mean To Say That.

Recently, the NFL handed out a two game suspension to Baltimore Ravens star Running Back, Ray Rice, for knocking his fiance unconscious and dragging her body through a hotel lobby, in February. Two games out? That’s it? To say he got a slap on the wrist is an understatement. The NFL sent a message, that a player can be suspended longer than that for smoking pot, testing positive for PEDS (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and being accused of crimes without any arrests or charges,– handing out more severe penalties for those offenses than for domestic violence. Current NFL regs suggest the league overlooks crimes against women for political reasons, or simply aren’t concerned about victims of domestic violence. Maybe it’s neither. Maybe it’s a little of both.Stephen-A.-Smith

Enter everybody’s favorite loud mouth, with foot in mouth disease, Stephen A. Smith. If you know anything about Mr. Smith, then you know that he likes to hear himself talk. Always passionate, no matter the cause, and quite entertaining. You can call him the more educated Charles Barkley… or not.

On Friday, Smith gave his opinion on the Ray Rice two game suspension. In the process, he pissed a few people (more like a quarter of America) off. Some thought that Smith was victim blaming; putting the onus on the abused, rather than the abuser. Critics described his commentary as being unsympathetic to domestic violence victims. Who knew? I’m sure he didn’t mean to offend you…
He later apologized for how his rant was perceived, and for not being able to properly articulate what he was trying to say. To sweeten the melody, he stated he knows all to well about the seriousness of domestic violence. He drove his point home by emphatically stating he was raised by his mother and 4 sisters. I think I almost shed a tear…

I won’t say whether or not I agree with what Smith had to say, but I will say this; that man is allowed to have an opinion, right or wrong. What I’d like to know is, what did he say that was so wrong? While I don’t know Smith personally, I would like to believe that he doesn’t believe all women are to blame for being abused; or that they should have to watch what they say and do, as not to provoke violence. I also would like to believe that he’s smart enough to know that an abuser doesn’t always need a reason to strike someone. I would like to think that he’s talking about instances where the victim is the aggressor, and may have even struck the other person first. I’m not in his head, but this is Breazy giving that man the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t condone domestic violence. As much as people say a man should never hit a woman no matter what, how many of you have male friends or family members that have messed with that one “crazy” chick? The one chick, who without valid cause, will put her hands on a man, daring him to hit back? Doing anything in her power to get him to act out of character? I’m sure a few chicks come to mind. These are the instances I hope Smith was referring to. Either way, he spoke his own truth…

What do you think? Do you agree with Stephen A. Smith’s opinion? Do you think that he was wrong?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Cossell.

One thought on “I Didn’t Mean To Say That.

  1. Wadup Breazy! I was like “damn…he got more time than Ray Rice”. I like Stephan A. Smiths commentary most of the time although he can be long winded. I know where he was going with his statements but it was too slippery a slope to venture and he would have been wise to stay away. He said nothing wrong in my opinion, and I would tell my daughters the same thing. Certain females are using Stephan A. to further their cause and agenda. I don’t co-sign on abuse of women, or any living entity for that matter. Yet at the same time it’s a good example where race and gender politics crossed lines and they took opportunity to put a N’ga in check on a world wide stage. No black man is exempt. I think there is a difference between women who are really being abused in this world, and some random females thinking they can act a fool with no consequence. It’s irresponsible for us to mix the two.

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