The Nanny From Hell aka Gangstaliscious.

Imagine you place an ad on craigslist. You’re looking for someone to be a long-term, live-in nanny to help with cooking and tending to your children. Someone replies to the ad. After doing a thorough background check, you decide to hire said person. Let’s say after only a month of working, the nanny decides to stop working. Not only does she stop working, she stages a protest by staying in her room due to health concerns. As if that weren’t enough, she demands that you bring her food and provide her with air conditioning. Sounds like your uncle that’s never around because he’s always locked up. The one you have to make excuses for, saying things like “he’s out of town”, knowing this is how he acts during his brief visits on the outs.

You are about to witness the strength, of street knowledge.
You are about to witness the strength, of street knowledge.

Well, this is what happened to the Bracamonte family of Upland, CA, when they hired Mrs. Doubtfire in drag look-alike Diane Stretton… aka “S.O.R.E” (Stretton On The Run Eating), aka “Super Thug” to be a live in nanny for their three children.

According to the wife, Marcella Bracamonte, everything was all good just a week ago. A month ago, to be exact. But soon after, she started showing her ass… <del datetime="2014-07-10T21:05:17+00:00" yelling f#ck your couch stopped working and decided to stay in her room. I wonder if in a previous lifetime her name was “Pookie” or “Ray Ray”?

So basically, she Deeboed the Bracamonte house.

Yes that’s right, this sweet and innocent looking woman is basically the Goldmouth to the Bracamonte’s Rayford Gibson. Asking, “You gon’ eat yo’ cornbread? Except without asking. Shit, with her shiftless attitude and shiftless work ethic, she is a walking “Niggas Be Like” meme.

And in true nigga fashion, she quit before she could be fired. The Bracamonte’s claimed they fired her on June 4th, while Stretton claims that she quit on June 6th, giving notice that she would be out no later than 7/6/2014. But her resignation would only happen if the media would leave her alone. Are you getting this? “The media needs to be completely gone. If the media stays away, I will be out by the 4th of July. But that depends on the circus not continuing.” So this geriatric babysitter gave a month notice (forget a two week notice) while living with free room and board.

I don’t know about you, but in the words of Cedric The Entertainer, “I wish a mothaf#cka that works for me, would” tell me what they won’t do… mooching off my free porn wifi and air condition while setting her time table for when she’ll leave my house.

While her employment status is no longer in debate, when she will leave the house is still debatable. The Bracmonte’s can’t legally force her out without a proper eviction notice. After the eviction notice is obtained, she would still have 30 days to vacate. Knowing this, Stretton threatened to sue them if they tried to remove her from the house. Along with her threat, she made a list of demands…

She wants the family to provide her with an air conditioned room, WiFi and a stocked bathroom.
She has also demanded that the family vacate the home all day and provide her with healthy meals – or $200 to eat out. She called Mrs. Bracamonte a Drama Queen during an interview. The irony…

As of the beginning of this week, Diane is still thugging in love in the Bracamonte’s home. The Bracamontes tell the media that they have not spoken to her in weeks, but she still lives in the house
There, aint no way in hell someone is going to be living in my house scott free, making demands of me.

I think Diane can teach these young thugs a thing or two about “hitting a lick”.

All in all, it seems that no matter the age, it’s still good to be white and privileged in America. I bet if she was black she would have been shot, with it made to look like an accident…


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