Long Hair Does Care


( I did it ya’ll!)

So I did it. Last week I finally did “The Big Chop”. When I posted about it a few months ago (https://cornerpolitics.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/choppa-style-chop-chop-choppa-style/), I had planned to hold out for as long as I could, at least until my brother’s wedding at the end of the summer. The reasoning behind that was that I wanted to ensure that I had long hair for the wedding photographs, because surely short hair wasn’t going to work. As the humid, Miami days began to pass by, I was getting tired of straightening my hair so much. I’ve done it too many times before, and I wanted to rock my natural curls again. What was stopping me from doing just that? It was the “Willow Tree” effect I discussed in my last post.  Whenever my hair was natural, I sported beautiful, tight coils until I reached the end of my strands where I was met with limp noodle hair- like the ends of the branches of a willow tree. And so I made the decision to chop it off last week and haven’t looked back since- well, that’s not true at all.

After several meetings of the Peanut Gallery and a few hours on Pinterest, I found a style that I liked that would allow me to chop off all the permed hair (well, about 95% of it), and still keep some length- The Long Bob. Because I have been growing my hair out for almost 3 years, I felt safe enough to do the cut without feeling like I was going bald. I made an appointment at a fancy shmancy salon where they offered a hand and shoulder massage while I waited ( even coffee and cookies!), and I was set. When I finally got into the chair, I was sure I was going to hyperventilate. But I didn’t. I thought I would cry as my stylist started to snip away the dead ends of my hair, but I didn’t. In fact, once he was done and I was able to see the finished product, I was ecstatic! I felt super awesome and so pretty, that I wanted to do things, just so people could feel me as much as I was feeling myself!

I may seem a bit melodramatic, and that’s because I am. If you know ( none of you do), you would think that I didn’t go through much of a change. I went from this:

To this…

Displaying Screenshot_2014-06-22-23-19-33-1.png

May not seem like much of a drastic change, but it is for me. I love my new look, my I miss my long tresses, even if they were damaged and split. I have probably grabbed the ends of my hair 50-100 times a day for the last week. I tried to put my hair in a ponytail for the first time where all the hair on my head was not collected within my hair tie. Let’s not get started on how I started to feel once I decided to go 100% curly (which was today). Instead of the long, bouncy curls I was expecting, I was met with the tightest coils known to man! Don’t get me wrong, I love my curls. But because my hair is a bit longer in the front, I can have some Maleficent wings going on, and a natural juices and berries short ‘do in the back. And for a girl who wore long hair because she felt it framed her big ‘ol face better than short hair, it has been a struggle.

So it seems that long hair, in fact does care. Right at this moment, I stopped typing to touch my hair for the millionth time today. Do I feel pretty? A little? Do I look like Little Richard a bit? Yes, I do. Am I regretting the big chop? Hell no. Just give me a few more bottles of Carol’s Daughter Leave-In Conditioner Milk and I’ll be fine.

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