What are the motives of your friends that only speak negatively about your new relationship?

You know that homie you grew up playing Duck, Duck Goose with? Now that you’re no longer children and you’ve grown into fine wine, he likes you. As a matter of fact, he wants to see if you are double jointed and if you can p&ssy pop in a head stand. Seriously, knowing each other for 3/4 of your life doesn’t prevent that man from jumping at the opportunity to break you off.

Your new man, aint no good.  He watches midget porn.
Your new man, aint no good. He watches midget porn.

This may be a little disheartening, but put your emotions to the side for a minute. It’s not like he’s being fake while using your friendship as a way to get in. You may not agree with the last sentence, but consider this; This isn’t some person you met in college who only had aspirations of finding out Victoria’s secret while pretending to be a shoulder to cry on. This is your homie from the sandlot days, who was there from day one.
As you both grew and hopefully matured, he started to notice the fine woman you developed into. Feelings for you grew. This shit is only natural, that’s what Niki Minaj said.

Mama said I killed a man. Well I guess I got the dagger back…

That’s not to say that every guy you grew up with wants to test your gag reflex. Even if they secretly wanted you, who’s to say they would act on it? But if you meet a new man and your day one ninja starts acting a little funny, that’s a mutha f*ckin’ red flag. If he occasionally says some slick shit, or unfriends you on Facebook after you post pictures of you and your new man; he just went from your day one ninja to your new man’s day one hater.

It’s hard out here for a pimp, and this situation can be problematic. If your new man is understanding and doesn’t want to seem insecure by coming between you and your friends, he’ll take this in stride. That being said, don’t be so quick to think your new man is naive. He recognizes what’s going on. If the sandlot homie picks up on your new man’s play, he may try to use it to his advantage. Knowing your new man doesn’t want to come off as an asshole by fighting your friends, the childhood friend will try to plant seeds of doubt in your ear.

What do you think? Have you ever experienced any hateration, holleration in this dancery from a long time friend, due to you having someone new?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Fat laces.

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