Wu-Tang Is For the Kids???

It’s no secret that common sense isn’t common, which explains the existence of the Ying Yang twins. The thing about sense not being common, is how people seem to revel in it. Case in point, CPS is launching an investigation into Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. They allegedly allowed 13 year old Willow to pose in a picture with a shirtless 20 year old. The guy, who happens to be a friend of Willow, was lying next to her on a bed.Screen-shot-2010-10-19-at-3.00.05-AM-e1287471804415-520x467

While I do feel some way about the picture, it doesn’t warrant a CPS investigation. Had it been a regular schmo off the street, I’m sure we would have all screamed bloody murder and called CPS ourselves. But I believe this case is different. It was in a controlled setting, where one or both parents were present. Lets give Will and Jada a little bit of credit. Would they really allow someone to interact inappropriately with their child and standby to photograph it? Probably not. Common sense says there was nothing afoot going on.

With all the children who are caught up in the system and forced to remain in homes where they are neglected or molested, I find it hard to believe that the CPS would waste countless time and tax payer money on this investigation. As someone who was once a temporary ward of the State of Colorado and one of the lucky ones to be adopted, I find this alleged investigation more disturbing than the actual photo.

I’m not sure if the picture was a good idea, and I’m not making light of the fact that there was a grown man lying in bed with a minor. But I’m sure that California CPS has more pressing and important cases to investigate. Hell I’m pretty sure they have case files dating back a couple of years.

What do you think? Do you think the picture of Willow warrants a full blown investigation?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy the Hun.

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