Choppa Style, Chop, Chop, Choppa Style

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(my face after 3 hours of doing my hair with my baby t-Rex arms)

I’ve made it this far, but I’m not ready to give it up. It’s been almost a year since I last had some, and overall, I don’t miss it. Don’t get me wrong, I get tempted from time to time, but I realize I’m a better person for abstaining from this type of behavior. But I am about to explode right now! Is it because I’m finally going on a date? Am I about to be up all night to get lucky? No, it’s because my relaxer has almost grown out completely and I’m ready to perm my hair again.

I made the decision to stop perming my hair two Thanksgivings ago. I was okay with this because my “new growth” would get pretty straight on its own, with help from a bomb blowout from my stylist, of course. As my hair started to grow out more and more as the months went by, I noticed just how awful my permed ends looked, especially when I attempted to wear my hair curly. I was falling in love with my fresh hair and it looked FANTASTIC, but the ends just sat there, lifeless and depressing. I no longer wanted to rock the “curly look”, as my hair resembled an out of control weeping willow tree. Seriously, this is what my hair looks after I initially wash it. Women out there who haven’t let go of their ends know exactly what I’m talking about. Up top, it’s very buoyant and poufy, and as you near the ends of the strands, they start to hang down like wet noodles ( it’s described as “weeping” for a reason):

Then I remembered something called the “Big Chop”. I had heard the term before, and it seemed to be the answer to my dead-ends depression. The process involves a woman making the decision to cut off the permed, relaxed ends of her hair and BOOM- now she has this awesome natural curliness to deal with. The thing is, I don’t want to cut my hair! I know I am not my hair, but I also know I’m not Little Richard or James Brown, who I now start to resemble when my natural hair sweats out ( combined with those ends, forget it!). Seriously, my bangs now have a mind of their own and apparently they want to be flamboyant, old-school Black male entertainers.

Looking for inspiration, I searched for the “Big Chop” on the Internet for testimonials and before/after photographs, but I was immediately overwhelmed with all the information being thrown at me. Most of the photographs looked similar, with women holding on to the ends of their strands, to show the contrast of the thick and wavy new growth with the permed ends. Some “BEFORE” pictures showed women with confused and fearful scowls prior to their stylists cutting their hair, and “AFTER” photos of women cheesing from ear to ear with their freshly coiffed short curls. I wonder about the women who were not so happy with their decision. Where were the sob stories? The majority of the blogs and articles were composed of women who were both hesitant as well as eager to go “au natural”, but virtually everyone’s “after” story consisted of a woman who was ecstatic she made the cut, so to speak. There has to be numerous women out there who feel like they made a terrible decision, or at least have not come to grips with their new ‘do. For me, I am deathly afraid of humidity, combined with the fact that I have a large head. My longer hair works in my favor right now. If I have to wait for it to grow to its current length again, I’m not sure I would survive.

We know how important hair is. If you have a bad hair day, don’t you feel like you can be a productive member of society? Your time is better spent hidden in the house or under a satin cap. Then there’s the ongoing debate of “Team Natural” vs. “The Evil Idiots Who Continue to Pray to the Creamy Crack”. I’ve written about this topic before, but everyone should have the right to do what they want to with their hair. But has anyone thought about making the Big Chop and regretted it? Is there a reason any of you are holding on to your dead ends for dear life? Should I shouldn’t I? Because I’m confident that I know what I have and I will be sad when it’s gone…


3 thoughts on “Choppa Style, Chop, Chop, Choppa Style

  1. I wish i could help. 😦 I was so excited to cut my hair off that I did it with 3 months of new growth. The straight ends struggle partially accelerated my transition time, because you’re right–it IS a pain to deal with.

    I think it’s okay to be ambivalent or even unexcited about the change, though.

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