Tyler Perry Presents “Bamboozled Parts 2-22”

( Nothing to do with Tyler Perry, but this was my favorite part of ‘Bamboozled’)

In the year 2000, the movie “Bamboozled” was released, which put a satirical spin on a major television network’s decision to broadcast an extremely controversial show in which the main characters wore blackface. The unique twist on the movie’s premise was the fact that the show’s producer ( played by Damon Wayans) and the stars ( Tommy Davidson and Savion Glover), were all African-American. And initially, they all relished in the exploitation of their people after the huge success the show had. Eventually, the thrill died down and they realized how detrimental and damaging to their own psyche the show was, as well as the African-American race and society as a whole. If the idea of the show “Bamboozled” was actually brought to life in our current society, we could easily switch out Mr. Wayans and insert none other than Mr. Tyler Perry. Oh, and the stars would be played by, well, Tyler Perry too, who would star as HIS beloved Madea character, alongside the 3 African-American actors who make up the other 60% of the cast in all his other movies.


(how about stereotype free, buddy?)

I’ll let you all know right now on a little secret. I don’t like Tyler Perry. Not in a personal way ( I’ve never gone on vacation with him or play spades like real friends do), but more so what he represents as a prodcuer, actor, writer, and horrid cross-dresser. His body of work is the epitome of a hot mess. In case you live under a rock, Mr. Perry and Madea have the black entertainment audience ON LOCK. Or at least is appears that way. In a time where we no longer wish to see color as a factor in quality television and movie entertainment (which should be made for all audiences in mind), the OTHER Tyler the Creator has cranked out the following in recent years:

  • 612 Madea movies
  • 10 movies entitled “Thy Woman is Scorned into Joining the Single Black Mom’s Club Because She Can do Bad By Herself, so Don’t Get Married”
  • Oh, and I forgot to mention the shows that are currently invading our TV airways like “Meet the Browns”, which airs on TBS, Monday through Friday, from 7:30pm to 5:00am.

I actually like some of the non-Madea movies, like the “Why did I Get Married” franchise and “Daddy’s Little Girls. Mostly for Janet Jackson and Idris Elba ( I’m kidding. No I’m not). Seriously, though they weren’t Oscar winners, I felt a little less ManTan and SleepN’Eat from the characters in these movies, and more of a universal feel that anyone in the world could enjoy. But the rest of that crap? I can most certainly do without. I tried to watch a Madea movie once, and couldn’t get through more than 20 minutes because I felt like I was getting punked. Tyler, is it really necessary to have your heroine as a loud, buffoonish, cursin’ woman who’s surrounded by the stereotypical “angry black woman”, “hood guy gone good”, and “loud ghetto uncle”? I guess so, because homeboy is making straight BANK off his Madea franchise and other ventures. So he’s making money, but at the expense of who? Mr. Perry has mentioned that he has wanted to end racial stereotypes, but doesn’t he constantly perpetuate them? He has had concrete success with movies that don’t necessarily have some black person shucking and jiving every 5 minutes. So why go back to the shameless depiction of African-American’s acting a fool time and time again? BECAUSE WE EAT THAT MESS UP. I’m sure Tyler wouldn’t crank out constant crap if you didn’t have a mother, cousin, next-door neighbor, or client at the hair salon breaking down the theatres doors to get to the premiere of ‘Madea Goes to Jury Duty”. If everyone got up one day and decided they no longer wanted to see terrible movies that seem to set back Black folks an additional 50 years every time they went to the movies, I think Tyler Perry would be forced to rethink his blockbuster formula.

Again, this is my opinion and my words only, but I KNOW I’m not alone with my train of thought? Am I being too sensitive? Too harsh? Am I drunk on Haterade? What say you? Are you going to see ” Madea Gets Road Rage?”

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