Is this the Rise of the SideChick?

Apparently, 2014 is the year of the sidechick.  It’s no secret that pop culture has played a part in making the sidechick acceptable. Thanks to shows like Scandal and Being Mary Jane, it would appear that the side piece has crossed over from the underground and into mainstream consciousness.Rottenecards_56348525_fv4sfrc8nk

The younger women of today seem to be more open to the idea of being a sidechick, in part, due to pop culture’s influence. At any given time, turn on the  radio and you will hear countless songs about a woman being praised for “playing her part”.  The majority of these songs talk about a man’s side piece being someone who they can always count on in the crutch, and is willing to do anything for him.

While it’s easy to blame the male rappers and singers for these songs, women are twerking in the clubs to these songs and singing along with them, almost co-signing the behavior.

Let’s not forget the show, Love and Hip Hop, which follows ratchetness in Atlanta, New York and soon-to-be Los Angeles (you know it’s coming).  This circus of a show not only proudly displays women reveling in their side chickness, but they display the rules to this sidechick  shit; there’s a step-by-step booklet on how to get your game on track  and the “Ten Crack Commandments” teaches on how not to get your wig pushed back .  Obviously, you can see how one would think that the last couple of years has been the “reign of the jump off”.

We are allowing and condoning further this behavior  by not owning up and taking responsibility. You see, it’s not the year of the jump off, sidepiece, sidechick, or whatever you want to call them, and they do not have Hall of Fame career years either. We’ve become so ‘laxed in our morals and standards, that we’ve allowed  no open doors for what many consider a shameful act to be celebrated.

The gradual acceptance of the side chick is becoming very much real. So much so, that our younger generation will grow up thinking this is the norm, and standard male behavior to have a sidepiece. Young women will enter “relationships” expecting to be the sidechick while at the same time having aspirations of  becoming possibly the main girl. If not, then she’ll be content in her number two status, as long as some type of compensation is given.

So, again, to say that the sidechick is having a good year is lazy and dangerous. We should ask ourselves, where did we go wrong? Behavior that was once despised is now being proudly displayed through the air waves and on TV.

What do yo think? Do you think this is the year of the sidechick? Or do you think that we’ve just allowed it to be accepted?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Donahue.

5 thoughts on “Is this the Rise of the SideChick?

  1. Ehhhhh. I might have gone along with you if you said this was the Year of Infidelity. Maybe. What do you call a man who has a side piece? I tend to be equitable in looking at things. Any relationship is made up of two people; I assign blame to both men and women. If anything, if the man is married, I give him more of the blame for breaking his vows with his wife.

    If you have a woman who has no respect for the boundaries of marriage, what makes anyone think there will be scruples involved? You can’t tell someone who has no legitimate “Role” to “play her role.” She doesn’t care!

    Also, there is nothing new about infidelity, and we all know this. Our granddads had women on the side, children on the side. The only thing new is that women have far less to lose by exposing themselves as a mistress. It’s lucrative now. The shame of infidelity never stopped “side chicks” from being one before; it was the threat of loss of social standing that kept mouths fed and closed.

    “While it’s easy to blame the male rappers and singers for these songs, women are twerking in the clubs to these songs and singing along with them, almost co-signing the behavior.”

    Le sigh. Even our parents had songs about infidelity…I could list a ton. And both women AND men sang along. Nothing new under the sun.

    But I may be missing your point. Perhaps you are not hinting at the cessation of infidelity, but more so the open depiction of it?

    1. This wasn’t about infidelity, but more about it being displayed so boldly. Like you said creeping has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue to go on, long after we are gone. Never before now has it been proudly “claimed” for lack of a better word. It’s almost the norm to talk about it, see it on TV and hear it on radio. But the truth is this openess is a reflection on today’s shift in thinking.

      I agree both parties are to blame, no one is left off the hook, so this wasn’t about sex. A man can be just as much a hoe,slut, side piece as women are portrayed to be.

      1. Fair enough! I’m not really bent that mistresses have the gall to be open and honest about what they’re doing. I think it reflects poorly on them, on the men they’re involved with; but I have no sympathy for people whose dirt was exposed for profit by their #2. You reap what you sow.

      2. Me too. IMO there is no such thing as an innocent victim, especially if you know going in.

        But I don’t think this year or any other year is “the year of mistresses”, but more a reflection in the change in attitudes towards it.

  2. Good article. This is something that needs to be addressed. Our morals have become too relaxed. I also agree with the young lady. This is a moral responsibility for all parties involved.

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