Bishop Secular.

So apparently God thins women’s underwear is of the Devil, well that’s what a Kenyan Pastor is telling the women in his congretation. According to Kenyan Pastor Rev. Njohi who advised his female congregants that there undergarments are “ungodly” and that by removing their bra’s and panties before coming to church would allow Christ to freely enter their bodies with his spirit.

I use to be a pimp, but now I'm pimping for the Lord.
I use to be a pimp, but now I’m pimping for the Lord.

Now as a warm blooded heterosexual male, I relish any chance that I get to take a peek at (attractive) women’s love below and rocky mountains. Having said that I seriously doubt God is tripping on women wearing underwear from Victoria Secret’s spring catalog pages 32 and 45 under their Sunday’s best. While God didn’t personally tell me this, I’m just assuming.

I wonder if they plan on buying stock in Febreeze and Clorox wipes. Also now that I’m thinking about it, will they keep the windows open on Sundays or run the AC? Hmmm, the things that keep me up at night.

Anyways back to the lecture at hand, even though God has a “come as you are” mindset as a means to draw people closes to him, I’m pretty sure he would rather women wear underwear while sitting on the front pew, so as to not distract Deacon Johnson and them. Again God didn’t tell me this, so once again I am speculating.

Now as bad as it was that Pimping Ken, Rev. Njohi thought that this was a good idea, I’m not mad at him. As sick and perverted as this thinking is, he is leading his flock the best way that he know’s how. Of course I don’t agree with him, personally I think that he’s just trying to get some ass and his using his authority to do so.

Some of the fault lies with some of the misguided women in his church, because after warning them about the evils of wearing underwear, and scaring them with damnation they attended the next service bra an pantie-less.

What do you think? Do you think the good Reverend is just trying to lay hands on his female congregants?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Wonder.

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