Heir to The Throne?


Have you ever been completely mesmerized by a musical artist? Someone who can captivate an audience of 40,000 ( OVERSEAS), and have every one of those people hanging on their every sung word? Countless hair flips, rhythmic gyrating, ass-shakin’, and guttural screams, all which make the entire audience go completely nuts? All the while wearing see-through lace pants? Who has that type of musical power?

Madonna? NO.

Beyonce? NOPE.


None of these divas can even come close to the musical genius of the only person in the history of music who can make a song about sweat sexy. An individual who can make all sorts of people question the intimacy of their own thoughts and their attraction to them. I’m talking about Mr. Nelson, whose government name, Prince Rogers Nelson, has been whittled down to simply Prince, condensed even further to a weird symbol, and then back to Prince again.

I’m not even going to go into a diatribe of describing Prince and his musical repertoire, because if you don’t already know, you are clearly not alive. For a quick rundown, he’s five-foot-two but can walk in heels better than I can, is one of the best guitarists to strum the strings, has a penchant for humping speakers and bedding the most gorgeous women on Earth, has 697 Number 1 hits, hasn’t aged since 1999, can make a mean pancake, is apparently a pretty good basketball player, has an affinity for lace clothing, and yet is somehow incredibly sexy to me.

My fondness for Prince has recently turned into a slight obsession since I procured tickets to see him at this year’s Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. I’m a self-professed concert junkie and have seen everyone from Linkin Park to Jay-Z to Sade. Outside of perhaps Coldplay, Prince is the last on my concert bucket list. Even though the concert isn’t until Fourth of July weekend, I bought my tickets almost three months ago, and have already pledged to lose 40 lbs, buy the perfect purple jumpsuit for the concert, and have been concocting several plans to find where his Royalness is staying and how I can get pregnant, ultimately becoming the modern-day Apollonia. Can you tell I’m excited?

As I watched a VHS-to-DVD transferred copy of the ’85 Prince and the Revolution World Tour in bed the other day (did I mention I was a bit obsessed?), I started musing over the current state of music, and wondered if there would be another “Prince-like” artist to come around and make people crazy like that? I’m focusing on the gentlemen here, so I have to take the LADIES out of the equation. We know the Madonnas, Janets, Beyonces, and Lady Gagas of the world can bring it, and there is no questioning their ability to captivate an audience, no matter where they are in the world. I’m focusing on the fellas. Since MJ and Elvis are gone and Prince is going on 60 ( but he is still FINE!), who can ever have this type of impact on modern music again, if ever? Now I know there are some great artists out there who are worldwide “superstars”, but will any of them ever get to that Elvis/MJ/Prince level? Justin Timberlake is fantastic and I love his showmanship. Usher was the closest dancing machine since the Gloved One. Justin Bieber is clearly famous because there are no other tween options, but he somehow has millions of young girls losing their minds. All are influential in their own right ( even if one is not warranted), and they all still have a lifetime to go to make more music. But when you talk about Michael, Elvis, and Prince, they were considered CULTURAL PHENOMENONS when they burst on the scene. And two of them posthumously sell millions of records on a yearly basis. The other had the best halftime show I’ve ever seen in a Superbowl at the age of 50 and have women STILL going nuts after reaching the half-century mark. The only person who I think could make this type of impact is another recent Super Bowl halftime performer- Mr. Bruno Mars. And let me tell you why.


Hear me out now. Sure he just hit the mainstream scene within the past few years and has a mere two studio albums under his belt, but he is phenomenal. His voice is the most beautiful and pure male vocal voice I have heard since Michael Jackson. Yea, I said it. His showmanship is up there with crazy-pants Mr. Prince, and can command any crowd. Don’t believe me? See homeboy in concert and you will be a believer ( and NOT a Belieber). I kinda cried at a Janet Jackson concert once and I thought that would never happen unless you went to go see her older brother. When I went to Bruno’s Moonshine Jungle World Tour, I didn’t necessarily cry per se, but his talent did cause me to fill up with emotion, and there may have been a few tears of pure joy, because I was witnessing musical prowess. And who knew he could play the drums?! I think his talent has the potential to make it to that Prince-level, if he stays on this path. He can sang, dance, play instruments, and has a little bit of the freak in him. And how can you not compare him to Prince with that shirt on? I’m uncomfortably turned on right now.

Do you think we may have a new member of the majestic court of Pop?

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