Are You Really Together?

[Today I am handing the mic over to fellow blogger, motivational speaker and Life Coach, Jacqueline A. Senn. Be sure to check out her blog for motivational tips and encouragement. So let’s do like Showbiz and AG and give her a soul clap!


It appears as though modern technology has taken over our lives. So often now when I go out I see this
very picture. A couple supposed to be out for a drink. One or both of them is so absorbed in their smart
phones that there is no conversation. Once in a while they might share the pictures they are viewing,
but for the most part they are just viewing things on their social media.

While this type of behavior is becoming more the norm than the exception, I think we need to be
concerned about what we are losing in this whole process. Because it involves more than just
conversation. Last week on ABC Good morning America , they highlighted a story about some infant
chairs that were to be marketed with a place on them for IPADS or other tablets that infants could look at.
Some have argued that it is no different than allowing a young infant to look at the television. But there
is a big difference. You cannot hook a television onto an infant seat. Also if your child is placed on the
floor they can wiggle around to get away from the television if they want to.

In order to maintain our relationships and keep our moral values in tow, we need to take command over
all the social media instead of allowing it to dictate how we function in our everyday lives. Machines can
be fixed but a relationship that is severed may never be able to be put back together. As for parents, we
only get one shot at raising our children the right way. They will have plenty of years where our
influence is just a small portion of who they have become. Use your time wisely, and enjoy all those
annoying moments with your children before they become forever adults.

Jacqueline A. Senn

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