I’ll Be Your Comforter.

You all know my feelings regarding Kanye West. I like dude musically, even though I wasn’t crazy about his Yeezus album. I try to not have an opinion about his personal life, but some of his latest antics have made it hard for me not to shake my head and separate the person from the musicianimages.

But even after all of that, I’m not mad at his latest headline grabbing incident. For those of you that don’t know, Ye supposedly beat down a man for calling Kim Kardashian a “nigger lover”. According to witnesses, the paparazzi were camped outside of a building that Kardashian arrived at for an appointment. A man holding the door yelled racial slurs and other derogatory comments at the photographers (so this seems to be a pattern). When Kardashian asked him to stop, he then allegedly directed his tirade toward her, calling her a “nigger lover”. Kanye wasn’t around at the time of the incident and arrived a short time later.

I’m not saying what Kanye did was was right or wrong. I applaud Kanye for protecting his woman. Sure, there were probably more level headed ways of doing it, but you can’t deny that he took his role his as the protector seriously.

Now, having said all of that, I want to pose this question: If you were the woman in this situation, do you tell your man about what happened? And if so, when? Do you tell him when he arrives? If he isn’t around, do you tell him immediately by calling, texting or emailing him? Or neither and be the bigger person and wait ’til the both of you get home?

If you were the man in this situation, how would you handle it? As men, we can’t have our women being disrespected without doing something about it, even if it’s just verbally confronting the other person. Now, if you are the kind of man that has a hair trigger temper, would you want even want to know? Would you want to know right away? I mean sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, right? Disrespectful as the comment was, Kim wasn’t in any physical danger, nor was she threatened with bodily harm. Or would you rather your woman tell you after the fact? That way you’d be able to think about what you would do, before acting.

You see, no matter how you look at it, it’s a lose/lose situation. If you go all Kimbo slice on the man that disrespected your woman, you run the risk of potentially risking your livelihood and possibly the livelihood of your woman, or dying, since people don’t fight anymore these days. But if you don’t stand up and protect her, you run the risk of being thought of as less than a man, which could cause her to rethink whether you are the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

I’m not blaming Kim for how she reacted, she was disrespected and felt the need to tell her boyfriend, nothing wrong with that. But knowing that Kanye has a short temper and tends to over-react without thinking, how wrong would it have been if she waited til they got home?

Again Kim is not to blame, but you have to wonder, why she couldn’t just let it go. Especially since it appears all she dates is black men and I’m sure this wasn’t her first time hearing something like this, nor will it be her last.

What do you think? How would have acted in this situation?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

A Pimp Named Breazy.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Be Your Comforter.

  1. Yeah man this is always a tricky situation. Men are constantly on the defensive when it comes to when and how to stick up for our women (and simultaneously ourselves). Shit, any time you take your woman out for the night, you run the risk of having other men trying to get at her when you turn around or walk off or whatever. I’ve never feel threatened that I’ll actually lose my woman to these clowns, but I do take offense if I think homie did it on purpose knowing she was with me. And as a white man with a black wife, shit a lot of black dudes in the room are gonna hate. Hahaha, and that’s a fact. So I always feel the battle over how strongly to react. Do I break in and talk shit to back him off? Step in and look at him like, Yeah this is all me, slide off? At some point though, you gotta show people that when it comes to your woman, YOU are the alpha male in this shit, not them. So I can’t be mad at Kanye for doing what he did cause half the time I’d want to do the same, but I’m not the type to throw punches unless I KNOW one is about to come at me very quickly. So props to Ye cause a show of power is a show of power and you’re better off safe than sorry.

    1. I think every man (at least I hope so) wants to be able to protect his woman when the situation arises. The thing about it is, how? Do you lay hands on someone when cussing out would probably do? Or do you cuss someone out when laying hands on someone is what’s needed? Choosing to protect isn’t the problem, the ego is.

  2. The thing is, in this situation both Kanye and Kim K. were insulted by is idiot. This is a case that I feel an ass whuppin was actually appropriate.

    There’s a line of disrespect everyone has…and once it’s crossed, there are consequences and repercussions. Essentially calling Kanye a nigger and Kim K a “nigger lover” …was his line.

    “Choosing to protect isn’t the problem, the ego is.”

    That pretty much sums it up.

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