Sing Sing, Celebrate!

Me and the homie are going to make it rain this weekend.
Me and the homie are going to make it rain this weekend.
As you well know, this Monday January 20th, is not only Barack Obama’s second Inaguration, but the observance of Martin Luther King’s birthday which is actually January 15th. The fact that we have a black President, let alone a second termed black President is something else; then couple this with the second Inaguration for Obama being on MLK’s birthday, and well, it’s nothing short of spectacular.

Having said that, I think there should be some do’s and dont’s on how to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday.

If you haven’t seen them, some people throughout the country have used Martin Luther King’s likeness to promote everything from happy hour specials, ladies night to drink specials at the strip club.

Do: Find a Martin Luther King Jr. birthday march to march in.

I’m sure whatever city you live in, you can find a march, and what better way to cherish MLK’s legacy than to march as he did countless times.

Don’t: Get tipsy in the club.

I know we (and when I say we, I mean black folks) love whenever a holiday comes around, especially if it is on a Monday, because we can enjoy the extra night of partying and bullshiting. But I don’t think it would kill you if you woke up on the man’s birthday hangover free.

Do: Use your time to volunteer.

Martin Luther King was such a selfless person that it should be inspiring. Why can’t we spend a couple hours giving back?

Don’t: Smoke hay in the barn.

Your weed man will understand if you don’t roll up the sticky icky for a day.

Do: Practice non-violence.

I’m sure busting a n#gga’s head or putting a bitch in check can wait one day.

Don’t: Make it rain.

While I never met Martin Luther King, I doubt he spent much, if any time, in strip clubs. While I am doubtful about America’s first emcee, Jesse Jackson; I am pretty sure that he didn’t march for our civil rights just so we can stick a pocket full of one’s down Chyna’s garter belt. Yet another thing I feel can wait one day.

Do: Spend time with family.

Even though MLK was on the road alot, he was a devoted family man who was always missing being with his family.

Don’t Fight/argue with family.

Yes I am understand your sister stole your boyfriend while the both of you were in high school, and your brother hasn’t paid you back the bail money from that incident that should not be mentioned that happend in Las Vegas. But people please! Can the petty beefs be put aside for one day?

Well these are all the do’s and dont’s that I can think of, can you think of any more?

Talk to me, I’ll talk.


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