Homophobic Much?

So apparently Uganda isn’t a fan of the homosexual lifestyle. After years of controversy, the Ugandan parliament has passed a bill that punishes certain acts of homosexuality with life in prison.A0aVJIfCcAAV4Qp

At first the bill which was first introduced in 2009 by a Ugandan lawmaker, initially called for all homosexual acts to be punished with the death penalty, but after worldwide condemnation and the possibility of some European countries withdrawing aid to Uganda the bill was shelved.

Before it was finally passed parliament decided to change the death penalty clause to life in prison for what it considers “aggravated homosexuality.” It includes acts where one person is infected with HIV, “serial offenders” and sex with minors, Amnesty International said.

But it doesn’t stop with homosexuals, anyone that is caught performing same sex marriages, counseling or reaching out to homosexuals would be sentenced to prison, making any humanitarian gesture a crime against the government.

Even though homosexuality is already illegal in most African Countries, where sodomy laws were introduced during colonization, Uganda wasn’t happy with leaving well enough alone. They opted for tougher legislation as a way to combat Western influence and to preserve the traditional family.

As if to say that America is pushing the “gay agenda” on the rest of the world. Or maybe this just another case of a country trying to paint America and everything it stands for as the devil.

It seems that like Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Uganda wants to have a say in what people do in the privacy of their own home, while making them choose to be ashamed of their sexuality. Both claiming to be defenders of the traditional family, it seems to me that they are hiding behind the children while trying to push their agenda.

Regardless of how I or anyone feels about homosexuality, I don’t believe that it’s a crime, let alone one punishable up to death. How can a country thrive when it’s idea of law and order is to make criminals out of people, whose sexuality was already predetermined?

What do you think?

Talk to me, I’ll, talk back.


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