That’s Just My Baby Daddy.

When did it be cool to be a baby daddy? With the news of basketball star Dewayne Wade’s latest child that was born while he and long time girlfriend Gabrielle Union were taking a break from their relationship. You can add his name to the long and growing list of men fathering children with women they are not with.

You know, you liked this song
You know, you liked this song

It seems as if being a baby daddy or having a baby mama is the “in” thing. Now a days you rarely hear about a couple getting married, let alone having a child together. But just turn on the radio and TV and you’ll be bombarded with the news of outside children, unplanned pregnancies and children born out of wedlock.

So the question is as black women get older and consider settling down with black men is dating someone who has a baby mama inevitable?Hell just about in every rap song you’ll hear about someone’s baby mama tripping.

I understand things happen and they may not always go according to plans. It wouldn’t be fair to place all the blame on men since women do play a part in who they sleep with. I’m more or less wondering if this reoccurring trend will be the norm? Another thing I don’t understand is why when it happens, is it a big surprise? There is always that chance of someone getting pregnant, even with condoms. So is the surprise the fact that the woman that’s pregnant is someone the man isn’t with nor has plans on being with?

Is it as simple as both men and women needing to do a better job, in picking who they sleep with? If that’s the case, most men would be shyt out of luck, since we’ll pretty much sleep with anything on two legs wearing a skirt or a dress. And it’s not always easy for the woman to see past all silver tongued slicksters.

What do you think? Is dating a man with a child – or children – a deal-breaker for you? When dating you expect or assume than man that you meets, already has children?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Kid.

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